Shkodnitsy and Daniil Rokotov - "Walk"

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Shkodnitsy and Daniil Rokotov released a new song and video clip

Artist: Shkodnitsy and Daniil Rokotov
Song title: "Walk"

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Lyrics of the song "Walk"

Walking with a kind and confident gait
We call it the morning walk
Along the old trail with music for inspiration
We are in a hurry to play where the mood will be
Those who play strands vote
We start with chiki-brika just by counting

We are so cool
Who is the guitarist who is the karate player
Who is the math guide
Constantly cheerful
Our credo is an optimist
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We go home in the ranks with a tired gait
The day did not noticeably fly by for us another
We try not to be late so as not to upset
We fly to our parents in an embrace and then to bed
Where only the caress and the epics of the old fairy tale awakens
Where mom's warmth and lullaby sounds

Once upon a time I was like you and you and you and you!
And cats and cats were friends in the yard!
It was just not worth it in the cold and in the rain and in the snow!
Passion to find anywhere for me!

Through puddles, in cold weather, worse! Our raft went under the ice!
Well, on the bike, exactly four of them fit!
Hiking in the forest using a compass, excavations, huts!
We had all this when we were kids!

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