New teaser for new video released Ruslana Sobieva и Zarina Bugayeva for the song "Where are you."

This is the result of the work of two successful video studios at once: “LIFE production” and “Petrucho studio”.

The lyrical composition, written by Ruslana and performed by a duet long loved by the listeners, sounds against the backdrop of stunning landscapes of Georgia. The fascinating beauty of nature and architecture of Tbilisi perfectly reflected the plot, conceived by the directors. This time everything was favorable for successful shooting: the abundance of locations and the weather.

“Weather conditions only helped us. The sun will come out, then the rain will go, it gave some kind of mood and paint! The only difficulty was that there were so many beautiful places that we could not immediately decide where to shoot! But our operators prepared in advance, so I did not have to think for a long time, ”says Zarina Bugaeva.

We suggest you to watch the teaser of the clip yourself and make sure that the new project of the female singers is very promising!

The premiere of the video “Where are you” will take place on July 7 our YouTube channel.