In 2016, the third solo concert in Vladikavkaz of the stars of the music publishing house Sound-M was successfully held on the SOGU stage - Fati и Albina Tsarikayev.

The event turned out to be vivid and memorable, which is due to Fati, who not only fully thought out the idea of ​​staging performances, but also took on most of the organizational work.

“We prepared hard and hard. They survived, because between this and the last concert in Vladikavkaz there was a big break - about 4 years. We understood that the audience was waiting for something new, interesting, so we put a lot of effort to surprise the guests with material, unusual scenery, and theatrical performances. I was very pleased that the full hall gathered, there were enthusiastic comments, many positive reviews from the audience, from colleagues and even from people we did not expect from. It was such a large-scale work that after the concert, I remember my condition, I just finally relaxed and exhaled. I was glad that this huge burden of responsibility, which lay on my shoulders during the preparation, was finally asleep, ”says the artist.

Azamat Bishtov, Arthur Khalatov, Soslan Dzutsev, the Shakar group and Felix Carikati also performed on the same stage with Fati and Albina Tsarikayev.

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