Soso Hayrapetyan “Karot” - new release of song and video!

PremieresSoso Hayrapetyan "Karot" - new song and video release!

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Meet the musical novelty from Soso Hayrapetyan! The artist’s original composition “Karot” appeared on digital storefronts

Soso Hayrapetyan
Soso Hayrapetyan

“The title of the song is translated from Armenian as “I miss you,” says the performer. “I wrote it while I was apart from my girlfriend. My soul was filled with longing, the pain of parting and the desire to see each other as soon as possible. Then the feelings raging inside me poured out into poetry and music.
Now this girl is my wife, and I am happy to dedicate this work to her.
I hope the listeners will like the new single, give them deep emotions and touch their hearts ”.

Listen and download the song Soso Hayrapetyan "Karot"


Lyrics of Soso Hayrapetyan "Karot"

Hreshtak es luys es talis ichac erknqic
aynpes sirun kyanqs mtar gerva hayacqic
jpitov nor kyanq tvecir sirus ashxarhin
ayd pahic dardzar tiruhin im molor srtin

Bayc heru qeznic Ayrvum karotic
tanjvum e hogis Vor chkas koxqis

St. Ayrvum em es chem karox ayspes

uzum em qez grkel xenti pes

hast gitem du el henc indz pes

spasum es indz ayrvum xenti pes

Havata kgam taq hampyur ktam
u chem herana es voch mi angam

Amen angam erb lsum em dzaynt es hervic
amen angam artasvum e sirts karotic
uzum em qez amur grkel u ayrvel krqic
uzum em achqerit paylov vor xentacnes indz

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