Olga Baskayeva's clip “Lose the Roads” is already on YouTube!

The premiere of the new clip Olga baskayeva “The roads have been built.” The video, shot in the most beautiful corners of the Arabian Peninsula, takes viewers to the world of sultry deserts and magical mirages ...

It’s hard to find love, but even harder to let go

It's hard to find love, but even harder to let it go. Olga sings about this in her song, who wrote the track “Parted Roads” based on one of the stories of her life:
“This plot is autobiographical. Once in my life I had to go through this situation, and at such moments of the artist, as you know, it is music that saves. My experiences resulted in a new song, which I shared with the audience. Fans were imbued with this composition, so I did not leave work on the project - the idea was born to shoot a clip about love escaping us ... ".

To show the audience an oriental tale, Olga Baskaeva and Petrucho film production went to the United Arab Emirates, where a clip was shot in stunning locations in the desert area of ​​Dubai that Marina can appear like a mirage and disappear just as quickly ...

Olga Baskaeva
Olga Baskaeva

“This is one of the most beautiful places on earth! It seems to me that every artist must shoot at least one clip in the desert. And I am happy that we succeeded. In such places, everything is amazing! They will be remembered for a long time. I’m sure the audience will appreciate the beauty of the frames in this video, ”Olga emphasizes with a smile.

The role of the beloved protagonist played an Arabian handsome man, with whom the film crew met before the shooting.

“We didn’t look for anyone on purpose, everything turned out by itself,” Olga says. He immediately agreed. The guy turned out to be a model, so shooting for him is a familiar thing. Therefore, we worked together without any difficulties, and everything turned out perfectly in the end! ”

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