The premiere of the new single and video of Elena Tsaritsa - "I worship"!

Premieres The premiere of the new single and video of Elena Tsaritsa - “I Adore”!

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Popular singer Elena Tsaritsa @lena_lisowa_caritsa presented today a project that its fans have been waiting for during the past 7 months - a lyric composition written by the author was published Sergey Kolesnichenko, - "I worship", as well as a video for this song.

“This song won my heart”

As the artist says, “I worship” from the first lines and the notes conquered her, and the theme of the lyric composition is so eternal that it promises a long life to the track.

Elena Tsaritsa
Elena Tsaritsa

Elena Tsaritsa: “This song touched the strings of my soul and touched my very heart! After all, sooner or later we all experience this feeling - love! Someone experienced these feelings in the past, someone is experiencing these emotions now, but one thing remains indisputable - this world is ruled by love! We often do not appreciate these feelings, moments, minutes spent next to loved ones ... And only having lost, often, we realize how much we missed, how much we did not have time to finish and give away ... ..

Arrangement for the track made Vitaly Romanov. After the single was ready, I decided to shoot a clip on it, the basis of which would be not just some kind of love story, but a deeper one that will make the audience think ... ”.

“This is a story about feelings, expectations, fears and doubts ...”

The video for the song “I worship” was filmed in Moscow. Directed by Naymada Ozi realized the plot, thought out by Elena.

“I really wanted to convey the story of female despair ... When I am happy and loved so much that you stop being afraid even of death. This is a story about feelings, expectations, fears and doubts, which most often help to start life anew. The entire director's plan was aimed at making people learn to appreciate the minutes of life spent next to their loved ones, so that they value happiness and not be afraid to say “LOVE” as often as possible, ”the singer comments.

The video was shot in 4 different pavilions. The star of Armenian cinema - theater actor, singer Arsen Levonyan was invited to play the role of the main character. His beloved was played by Anna Seliverstova, and their daughter was played by the aspiring actress Arina Fedorova.

“The work was colossal! Very large and very heavy. Arsen specially flew from Yerevan, for which a special and huge gratitude to him! Thanks to the conscientious work of the entire team, the video turned out to be as touching and sincere as we intended. A huge amount of effort, energy, nerves, labor, and of course, finance was invested in this project. Therefore, today's premiere is especially long-awaited and exciting for me! I hope that the audience will like this work, and they will appreciate it, says Elena.

We offer you to listen and download the song “I worship you” right now, as well as to watch the video for this song on our website!

Listen and download the song “I worship the God”


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