The premiere of the single "Peregony" performed by Reysan

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Rysan presented a remake of the song “distilled

The composition "Peregony", written and performed Sergey Kolesnichenko in 1995, she found her second wind today - she was released in a new arrangement performed by Reysan.

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The remake of the composition, according to the author, was very successful.

Sergey Kolesnichenko
Sergey Kolesnichenko

“The song “Peregony” at one time occupied high places in music ratings. But that was a long time ago, and I would like the track to “come to life” and sound again. Therefore, the idea arose to re-record the composition and refresh the arrangement,” says Sergei Kolesnichenko, “when I heard Reisan’s voice, I immediately realized that he fits perfectly! And I was not mistaken. Reysan sang perfectly, he has the right timbre and he clearly managed to convey the character of the song.”

The performer himself says that he is pleased with the result, but while working on the project, he experienced some excitement ...


“I understood that I had a great responsibility, since this is a very meaningful and deep track. In addition, before this it was performed by the author himself - Sergei Konstantinovich Kolesnichenko, and it was necessary to do no worse, and also to bring something of his own into the song. The work was very serious, it means a lot to me, because every singer, when performing a composition, tries to convey the feelings and emotions inherent in it. I succeeded because I myself get great pleasure when I sing it! I really hope that the new version will be able to fill my dear listeners with strong emotions,” says Reisan.

From today, the track “Peregony” is available for listening and downloading on all digital platforms!

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