Released new instrumental track with support from Kavkaz Music Records Timur Losanov @timur_losan. "Haku Jagu" is a dance track based on national Circassian motifs.

Photo by Timur Losanov
Timur Losanov

“This is a composition for the feet, so to speak,” the maestro explains, “but not only for them, since 5 melodies with a gigantic history have come here. Rather, great names are behind these melodies, such as Kurats Kashirgov, Guashakar Birmamitov, Naib Tengizov, a tune for jigit "Shygyedzhegu" and a tune that I perceive as personal. This is a mix of clean energy, from the past to the present, with great ambitions for the future. The case when epithets addressed to these people and their creations cannot be spared, all of them will be exactly small. May their souls feel the vibration of good from the living!
The project has several ideas. Firstly, it was important for me to show the variations and their style diversity. Secondly, I wanted to show the pace in these styles. And an equally important idea for young musicians and arrangers is an approach to rhythm, which can be modern, without violating the traditionalism laid down by the ancestors in the main idea of ​​Jagu. Here it will be appropriate to tell colleagues - take care of this beautiful, rich, but very fragile musical heritage, friends.
And the audience would like to say that we have invested here not only knowledge, skill and professionalism, but also a piece of our soul too. And that is why it will be very pleasant if the composition "Haku Jagu" gives you pleasure, as we do when working with this great material. Listen and enjoy life! ”

Listen and download the composition of Timur Losanov “Haku Jagu”

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