"Stop Music" - the premiere of the song by Islam Malsuigenov and Zulfiya Chotchayeva on Radio Shanson

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Meet the song from tomorrow on the waves of "Radio Chanson" Islam Malseugenova и Zulfiya Chotchaeva "Stop music"

The hit of the 90s, evoking nostalgic feelings and fond memories of listeners,
artists presented in a new format.

Islam Malsuygenov
Islam Malsuygenov

“I know and love this song from childhood, from school days,” says Islam, “right before the eyes of a disco, first love ... No matter how many years have passed, this tune is constantly heard in my head. Therefore, we decided to perform it, but present the song a little differently. "

“We were worried, of course, how the listeners would react, everyone got used to it being a slow, lyrical composition,” comments Zulfiya, “they searched for a long time together with Islam which melody would be more suitable, until they agreed that it should be modern, but with retro elements. ".

Since the day of its release, the track has been steadily gaining popularity, and stylized for the 90s clip has already scored more than 4000000 views.

From tomorrow, November 19, the single "Stop Music" by Islam Malsuigenov and Zulfiya Chotchayeva can be heard on Radio Chanson. Tune into your city's frequency and enjoy!

Listen and download the song "Stop music" by Islam Malsuigenov and Zulfiya Chotchayeva


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