Sultan Laguchev presented the EP "Hlybyzshva"!

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Sultan Laguchev @sultan_laguch and the music label “Kavkaz Music” presented today the mini-album of the artist - “Hlybyzshva”. It included 3 tracks in the Abaza language: “Khlybyzchva” (“Our Language”), “Yachvhaglaya aduney” (“How sweet the world is”) and “Ysirba hlbzibara” (“Show our love”).

Sultan Laguchev
Sultan Laguchev

“Poems for all the songs presented in the album, authorship of the poet Rashid Kenzhev. I decided to diversify my repertoire with his works, because they have a unique style, have a special content, meaning. All of them are very sincere, bright. They talk about the love of the mother tongue, the motherland, the love of life.
The author was a very cheerful, open, dignified person, and you can feel it in every word, ”said the performer.

Listen and download the album of Sultan Laguchev "Hlybyzshva"


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