Sultan Hurricane spoke about the filming of the video "Seeds" in the program "Good morning" on the channel "Arkhyz 24"

Most recently, the video clip of Angelica Nacheva and Sultan of the Hurricane "Seeds" was released, shot in the colorful locations of the ethnographic museum "Ataman".

A funny story of the great-grandson of the initiator of the dairy production of Daniil Bokarev, which tells about the creation of the "SeedCommet" was cheerfully accepted by the audience.

But it’s always interesting to find out the details of the shoot and the idea itself from the main characters. The audience had questions, and Sultan Hurricane answered them to the host of the Good Morning program on the ArchyBokarz 24 channel Zurab Dzhandarov.

“Seeds” is a struggle for import substitution, ”the artist explains,“ I sat, clicked the “Cool Oker” seeds, and so I wanted to push popcorn from the market and replace it with seeds! In the story, when I clicked them, I remembered my childhood and decided to go to my native village or village to see my friends ... ”

It was there that the hero of the Sultan found the main event - the experiment.

Was it really a blast? How was the "Cat" subsequently invented? And what was the first version of the clip? - Answers to all these questions you will find in the program "Good morning" with the Sultan Hurricane.

Enjoy your viewing!

How to shoot the clip "Seeds"