Tamara Adamova "There was a time" - new release

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Meet the new single Tamara Adamova - "There was a time"

The artist herself wrote the words and music for the incendiary composition:

Tamara Adamova
Tamara Adamova

“I take songs from life,” says Tamara, “a large number of people, connoisseurs of my work, through Internet applications, continuously write about what songs they would like to hear. Our interaction and relationship with the listeners helps me find the theme for the songs. They offer me ideas, give criticism, evaluate my work. They talk a lot about their life stories, joys, disappointments. Yes, and fate confronts me with various interesting people with deep life experience, wisdom and knowledge. Therefore, the plot of my new composition is also based on real events. It is based on the idea that we are inevitably influenced by every person we meet on our way. If you are upset, do not be angry with fate. This person appeared because it was necessary. If you are happy, take care of the moments. Don't worry if someone leaves, then the next one will definitely appear. This is the cycle, this is life. I wish you a pleasant listening, my dears! Write, suggest topics, share comments, reviews. I will be grateful to each of you and will certainly take into account your wishes. "

Listen and download Tamara Adamova's song "There was a time"


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