Tamara Garibova became the winner of the International Beauty Contest in Greece!

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The star of the music publishing house "Zvuk-M" - singer and model Tamara Garibova told that she won the International Beauty Contest, where she won three titles and won two crowns:

“I was recognized as the“ First Beauty “GRAND PRIX”, “The Professional Model of the World 2017”, and also presented the Audience Award. Emotions from victory are difficult to convey. Thank God! Today and the Feast of the Mother of God, right now I feel these feelings, of course, this happiness! I do not know what to say, I am just overwhelmed with emotions ... ".

Tamara won the audience's love not only with her beauty, but also with her artistic data, which were very useful to her in the competition. As we have already said, the girl herself writes songs for herself in several languages, and therefore she chose for participation the one that most vividly conveys her love for her native land - "Patrida" (Motherland) in Greek. The audience was fascinated!

Another pleasant and memorable moment was the presentation of the singer's new album, which took place at the VIP dinner after the competition.

"I decided to time for the competition release of the album "Summer", which includes compositions recorded in different genres. There are oriental and pop songs and songs in Greek. Most of them, of course, are about love, but there are those that are dedicated to the Motherland, ”Tamara comments.

The singer was also recognized as the official of the WORLD PROFESSIONAL MODEL competition and was invited to the jury of the mini-Miss professional beauty model of the 2017 world, which was also very pleasant and interesting.

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