Tamirlan Amaev, Ismail Khasimikov and Deni Satabaev - "Ah Turpav turpav"!

PremieresTamirlan Amaev, Ismail Khasimikov and Deni Satabaev - "Ah Turpav turpav"!

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A video clip for the song "Ah Turpav turpav" has been released

The song in Georgian "Ah Turpav turpav" ("Ah, beauty, beauty"), as well as a video for it was presented today Tamirlan Amaev @timson_rock, Ismail Khasimikov и Denis Satabaev @satabaev_studio.

Vocalist Tamirlan Amaev spoke about how the project was born and what the composition is about:

Tamirlan Amaev
Tamirlan Amaev

“This is an old Georgian folk song about a guy's unrequited love for a girl. I heard her performed by several artists, including the respected Nino Katamadze, whose work I admire, love her very much and listen to her songs with pleasure. The composition "Ah Turpav turpav" in her performance inspired me to create a remake.
When I first performed it at a corporate party, there were also my colleagues - Honored Artist of the Chechen Republic Ismail Khasimikov and virtuoso musician Deni Satabaev. They played along with me, so well that this song eventually became our common one. We completely rewrote the music for it, made a new arrangement and in this form we constantly performed at the performances. And after a couple of years we decided to release a joint single, which we are very glad to present to our listeners today! "

Not only the music, but also the video component makes the premiere bright. The musicians presented the video of the same name, in which the main female role was played by the Honored Artist of the Chechen Republic Alisa Supronova @suprooonova.

“We filmed a video in Grozny, - says Tamirlan Amaev, - together with a wonderful director, soloist and songwriter of the Nokhcho group, videographer Anzor Bisaev @anzor_bisaev... On the first day, they filmed us - the musicians, on the second - Alice. She just flew to Grozny and an hour later I picked her up from the hotel, took her to the shooting, which lasted until the evening. We all tried very hard, and in the end we got a beautiful, high-quality video that viewers will see today.
We look forward to feedback and comments, but I want to say that this project is the minimum that awaits you in the future! We have a lot of plans, a lot of new songs, and soon we will all realize it. We hope that you will be with us and be satisfied. After all, everything we do is for you, dear viewers and listeners! "

Listen and download the song “Ah Turpav turpav” by Tamirlan Amaev, Ismail Khasimikov, Deni Satabaev


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