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Today, around the world, Dance Day is celebrated - a celebration of theater, ballet, opera, participants and leaders of dance groups and ensembles, independent professional and amateur artists, as well as everyone related to this art form.

In the Caucasus, dance is an expression of the state of the soul, an exciting action that conceals the history and traditions of peoples. There is not a single random movement in national dances; each of them carries a specific message. In dance, a mountain man and a mountain woman can communicate with gestures, understanding each other without words. Many musical compositions are devoted to this topic, but today we invite you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of folk dances - listen to fiery Lezginkas performed by popular Caucasian artists. And, perhaps, your heart, catching a familiar rhythm, will make you dance, carrying along those around you!

Listen to the Dance, Caucasus! Playlist. Have a good mood and a happy holiday!

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