“Teberda” - a new song and video by Rustam Nakhushev!

Premieres"Teberda" - a new song and video by Rustam Nakhushev!

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Rustam Nakhushev presented the composition "Teberda" and a video for it

The artist continues to work on a musical adaptation of ancient Caucasian legends. 2 years after the release of the video "Adiyukh", the performer presents the project "Teberda", which is based on the legend of the love of Baduk and Khadzhibey, whose names were given to the beautiful Teberda mountain lakes ...

Rustam Nakhushev
Rustam Nakhushev

“The song “Teberda” is a retelling of an ancient Karachay legend,” says Rustam, “we live in a multinational region and we have known the fantastic stories of all neighboring peoples since childhood, because this is our common Motherland. I don’t want these legends to be forgotten and I try to remind them in my works, to draw the attention of listeners from different parts of the country, and to share what is dear to my heart.
Alevtina Nikulina wrote wonderful words, where in verse she conveyed the essence of the story and the feelings of its heroes. I put this text to music. This is how a heartfelt composition was born, the plot of which we decided to show in the video. "

Shooting a video clip for the song "Teberda". Rustam Nakhushev
Shooting a video clip for the song "Teberda". Rustam Nakhushev

According to legend, Baduk and Khadzhibey fell in love at first sight and dreamed of tying their fates. But their families were categorically against this union, and the lovers decided on a desperate step: they fled together. But their happiness did not last long. A sad fate awaited the fugitives: they were found and chained to the rocks on opposite sides of the gorge as punishment, where they were doomed to suffer until the end of their days.

As the legend says, from the tears of Baduk gathered the famous Baduk Lakes, which absorbed not only sorrow, but also the beauty of the girl. Opposite them, in a remote mountainous corner, Khadzhibey also found peace, giving his sufferings to the beautiful Khadzhibey lake.

This story has long attracted people to those lands, and today it is embodied in a new project by Rustam Nakhushev.

The video for the song "Teberda" was shot by director Magomed Kumykov. He chose picturesque places for filming: the Ullu-Muruju River, the Jamagat gorge and others.

Magomed Kumykov
Magomed Kumykov

“The filming process took place in an incredibly beautiful place - in Teberda,” says Magomed, “the locations included a nature reserve, the Baduk Lakes, and the Teberda River itself. Its crystal clear waters, coupled with the relict spruce forest, created the atmosphere of a truly magical fairy tale. Amazing colors!
The shooting went on for two days, but they were under threat of disruption from the very first hours. The gorge was covered with a thick and heavy fog, it started pouring rain. We already began to think about which dates to postpone the shooting, when suddenly, as often happens in the mountains, the rain, as if someone had turned it off, the sun broke through the gray clouds and after a few minutes there was not a cloud in the turquoise sky ”.

Rustam Nakhushev: “Despite the difficult weather conditions, everything went according to plan, and the locals were happy to help us when they found out the purpose of the filming. Many people remember the process, but the greatest impression was made by the nature of our region! I am very glad that the very places that are sung about in the song were included in the shot. "

Shooting a video clip for the song "Teberda". Ramazan Chotchaev and Venera Bostanova
Shooting a video clip for the song "Teberda". Ramazan Chotchaev and Venera Bostanova

The roles of the main characters of the story - Baduk and Khadzhibey were played by Venera Bostanova and ballet dancer of the state dance ensemble of the KCR "Elbrus" Ramazan Chotchaev. Supporting roles were played by artists of the Folk Dance Ensemble "Shokhluk - Druzhba" named after. Ruslana Marshankulova, Karachay-Cherkess State University, Karachaevsk.

The filming was also attended by: Halit Jatdoev, Ramazan Bolurov, Dinara Bytdaeva, Leyla Erkenova and Radmir Erkenov. The film crew would like to express special gratitude to the artistic director of the ensemble, Sultan Alkhazurovich Khasimikov, for his help in organizing the filming.

Shooting a video clip for the song "Teberda". Ramazan Chotchaev
Shooting a video clip for the song "Teberda". Ramazan Chotchaev

“I think the video turned out to be not only colorful, but also exciting. Thanks to the professional team who put their soul into this work. I am very grateful to all of them! And I’m sure that the audience will appreciate this project,” says Rustam Nakhushev.

Magomed Kumykov: “We are always satisfied with the result in one case - if our work resonates in the hearts of the audience. We really hope that this time we will please fans of Rustam’s talent.
Such projects are undoubtedly necessary and very important, even in the educational aspect. People are lazy to read, get information, but through such songs and clips, they can learn beautiful legends and the history of the people. "

Listen and download the song "Teberda" by Rustam Nakhushev


Lyrics of Rustam Nakhushev's song "Teberda"

The sun hung over the mountain
Eagle under the clouds
One old legend
I will share with friends

From the slopes of the mountain range
Where the snow melts under the sun
The river with the name Teberda
Slowly flows out

Tradition lurking spirit
In that place without getting old
Young girl Paduc
Fell in love with kojebey

But against that love, relatives
It often happened that way
And kojebei bridling the horse
From Paduc they rushed to the rocks

The soul is full of freedom
I sang serenades to them
Moon night companion
Oh happiness, oh joy

Old gorge in the mountains
Lovers sheltered
And their fear was not in vain
Trouble found them

Unhappy morning led
On different passes
So they don't see each other
They were chained to the rocks

Paduk cried so bitterly
Trouble not knowing the edge
And their stormy tears flow
Descending like a river from the mountains

And kojebei wilted in misfortune
And yearned for a sweetheart
But the mountains drowned out the cry
Fate is not repulsive

And the mountain river is torn
Into unknown distances
Carries Teberda with it
Those tears and sorrows

The crystal water is rustling
Faded over the years
The rock hanging over her
Yes stones with boulders

Soars above the noisy Teberda
Shadow of the Mountain Eagle
Want to hide love
That bird has two wings

This legend is many years old
Do not wash it off with water
Loved one melts bright light
Over the mountain river

This legend is many years old
Do not wash it off with water
Loved one melts bright light
Over the mountain river

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