Thälmann and Ego East presented the track "Al beni"

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Thaelmann and Ego East presented a duet version of the song "Al beni"

The listeners of the artists are well aware of this composition - in 2019 it premiered, but then the track was performed by a trio, it was sung by Telman, FJ & Ego East. A video was also released for the song, and the single received a huge number of positive reviews not only in Russia, but also in Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Today Thälmann and Ego East present a duet version of the song, performed in two languages.


“I really like to experiment and try something new,” says Telman, “the composition was originally conceived in Russian, but in an oriental style. I suggested diversifying the project by adding choruses in Turkish. The idea seemed interesting to us, and when Arslanbek Magomedov and Aras Genc wrote the poems, it became clear that now the song sounds much brighter and more colorful. It was even used on one of the Turkish channels as a soundtrack for a chocolate commercial of the same name "Al beni".

The track really turned out to be excellent, the audience loves it very much, especially the youth. At concerts, as soon as the first notes sound, the audience will always recognize her and happily sing along.

I am happy to announce that from today the composition will appear on all the largest digital platforms! We expect activity from the listeners, upload them to your playlists, share with friends, write us comments and your wishes. We always listen to them.

All good mood and love! Take care of each other. "Al beni" translates as "Take me", and I want to wish that you are always close to your loved ones and never parted. "

The artist also shared that he is preparing another novelty for the release:

“It will be an author's composition in Turkish. Now we are finishing the mixing and starting the arrangement. The track is very interesting, I have high hopes for it. So wait and don't miss the premiere! "

Listen and download the song of Thälmann and Ego East "Al beni"


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