Tim Laur and Aris presented the track "Blue Eyes" (Karaone mix)

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A novelty from Tim Laur and Aris has been released - the single "Blue Eyes" (Karaone mix)

In February Tim laur presented single "Blue Eyes", to whom I recently decided to present a new sound. But, working on a remix with a popular musician Aris, who arranged this track, the artists suddenly realized that the project could be made even more interesting. So how was the Blue Eyes Karaone mix born? By Tim Laur:

Tim laur
Tim laur

“I wanted my track to sound fashionable and modern, while retaining the lyricism and the message itself. And so, when we were carried away by the process, as is often the case during active work, at the moment I wanted to switch to something, fool around, and Aris, listening to the material, began to hum a fragment of his new song to it. And it flew straight to me! I say: "Come on sing again ...", he sang, and to both of us this idea seemed very successful. The words of his composition not only harmoniously laid down on mine, but also gave it a new depth. We decided to make this insert for sure. So in the updated track you will also hear an excerpt from Aris's new song, which should also appear soon.

In general, our joint project is quite logical - we have been friends for a long time and have been cooperating for a long time, the duet composition was just a matter of time.
We hope that the public will like the novelty. Be sure to support us in the comments. Enjoy listening to everyone! "

Listen and download the song "Blue Eyes (Karaone mix)" by Tim Laur and Aris


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