“Adygov has such a custom” - Angelica Nacheva's new song

Meet the new product! A new song by Angelica Nacheva is always an event in the world of Caucasian music!

The song entitled “Adyghe has such a custom” to the words of Kirimize Janet and the music of Goshnau Samogova is a song well known to the Adyghe people, professionally performed by Angelica dreamed since childhood. This was due to the fact that while attending school, in the Adyghe class, the future singer not only studied the language, culture and customs of her people, but also played in performances on the topic, and also sang author and folk songs with classmates.

- This song is well known not only in our republic, but also far beyond its borders. And in my head it sounds from an early age. It happens that you listen to a tune dear to your heart, and it seems to take you to childhood. This composition is just that for me. Those years have passed, and now it is time to bring my plans to life - to perform a well-known song in a new, different way, ”says Angelica.

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