Success for three: Magomed Alikperov, Anora and the Zvuk-M company - on the main iTunes storefront!

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July in the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” turned out to be hot for premieres.

Two of them received special attention from the editors of iTunes and Apple Music - albums Magomed Alikperov (“About love”) and Anorah ("Country of Love") fell into the novelties of the genre in the main window, becoming on a par with the albums of Grigory Leps, Sergey Trofimov and other eminent Russian artists.

What is the secret of the success of new projects "Zvuk-M"?

The professional team of the company, which has been working for many years in promoting its artists, has made every effort to make new albums of high quality and tasty. The promo program, which is strictly followed by experts, helped the projects to get to the top of new products on a number of streaming services, including Apple Music, Zvooq, Yandex Music and Music Beeline.

Competent development of the basic concept and correct presentation helped the performers’ excellent romantic repertoire receive a worthy design and, as a result, popularity among listeners.

“I am very happy and grateful to Zvuk-M for the successful cooperation. I believe that this is a merit of the efforts of our entire large team. It's nice to see such results, it proves that we are moving forward. I always try today to be better than yesterday’s Anora, and tomorrow – better than today’s. So, who knows what victories await us in the future?” the singer says with a smile.

Both albums turned out to be filled with romance. The fact that the theme of love prevails in the list of both track lists, Magomed Alikperov considers one of the main reasons for the popularity of new projects:

“Love for me is one of the most important values ​​in life. I like to sing about her, experiencing these emotions again and again. In addition, in my opinion, this is the most relevant topic for songs. Such tracks as “Emanuela” and “About Love” give birth to a crowd well, the hall is filled with energy in many respects. Proper selection of songs - this is the secret of the success of the album "About Love".

You can listen to Magomed Alikperov's albums (“About Love”) and Anora (“Country of Love”) on all major music services, including: “iTunes”, “Google play”, “Apple music”, “Music Beeline” and “Yandex .Music". The company “Zvuk-M” also prepared video versions of these albums, which will be available on our YouTube channel from 28 July.

Ahead of the same fans of Magomed and Anora are waiting for new surprises! Now both artists are preparing for the filming of the videos, and Anora, in addition to this, promises to soon also please with new songs.

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