Enjoying summer days and sometimes short vacations, Angelika Nachesova visited her native village - Jägeruhai.

It is located in one of the picturesque areas of the Republic of Adygea. And although the singer did not rest very long - only three days, the time spent there for her is very valuable. After all, in a frantic working rhythm, you can indulge yourself in such trips now less and less.

"Native land fills me with energy, new forces, gives inspiration!".

While still young, Angelica was often here. Together with her cousins, she smashed her knees in blood, played a “war stick”, roasted corn on a fire, and it was here that the future star tried to compose her first songs. Now she remembers that smile: “We can say that this aul has hardened us. Here I always feel great! Native land fills me with energy, new forces, gives inspiration! ”.

A lover of cooking, Nacheva and then managed to pamper the home with her cooking: “Here, all products are environmentally friendly! Everything is fresh, straight from the garden. I think this food still tastes better. This time she prepared shurpa and Armenian vegetable dolma. ”

The rest days passed quickly, but the memories of him will remain for a long time. And maybe they will even spill out into a new song filled with love for the homeland and the warmth of the Caucasian region ...