At the end of your life story, there are memories that belong only to you. Perhaps they are the best that you had and will have.

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Two hearts separated by an unstoppable flow of time... How familiar! The story of lost love was told by Irina Krug in her new song "Like sand through fingers"

Why do people break up? Because we change, because life changes. Sometimes partings are natural, understandable and easy, but for the most part they are tragic and painful. Man is designed in such a way that he remembers the latter.

Irina Krug’s talent lies in her incredible ability to immerse the listener in the plot of the piece being performed. We start watching a three-minute video clip, and finish watching it with the feeling that we have watched a full-fledged feature film. I just want to ask at the end, will they meet again?

The man with whom the heroine of Irina once broke up remains behind the scenes. Poetic natures from among the audience themselves will come up with his image. Everyone will have his own, the majority will acquire the familiar features of the chosen one, who once existed in reality. Time has carefully removed him to the far shelves of consciousness, as it almost always does. Plastic and inexorable, it flows and flows through and past us, dissolving in itself both pain and former passion. Like sand through fingers...

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We are not together and have not seen each other for a long time ...
Why does it hurt so much?
Sadness has no end
Let's pass by even if there is no one around
And for some reason we will pretend that we don’t remember each other, we don’t know ...


Could not! Nobody else could
We did not find what we were looking for together for so long
And love will flow like sand through your fingers ...
We collected it bit by bit with you


How many unforgotten confessions are in me now
Passed from spring to spring
No one will answer questions
I will keep everything that was, I will leave myself
Unfinished in this letter and not thrown into the envelope box


This separation strangles and tears apart
All that we both called happiness
Woven from losses... Who are we now?
No one will know and it doesn't matter
Thoughts are carried away, torn off by the wind, and my weightless love melts

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