New clip Angelica Nacheva и Sultana Khazhiroko for the song "Seeds" will be released very soon.

Today we present to you a teaser of the joint project of artists, the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” and the company “Petrucho film production”!

According to the author of the song - Angelica Nacheva, this video will reflect the warm picture of a carefree childhood: “We grew up in a disinterested atmosphere, everything was kind. We didn't need money and we could find friends without iPhones. They sang about this. Now we want to convey this atmosphere on video. "

Intriguing teaser footage reveals the author's idea. A funny story from rural life is shown in bright colors and with a lot of positives. And it cannot be otherwise, because Angelica and Sultan are not just singers, they are real artists, whose multifaceted talent has been confirmed by more than one project.

So we appreciate the trailer and look forward to the full version of the clip!