Joel presented a new video for the song "I am your India"

The premiere of the clip of the charming singer Joel for the song "I am your India."

How Joel's video was filmed. By the author of the project Gilani Stadnik

A picturesque video and a fascinating track immerse the audience in a South Asian tale, where the story created by the author of the project comes alive in the sands Gilani Stadnik:

Gilani Stadnik
Gilani Stadnik

“We shot this video in the summer, but decided to release it now to give the audience a little warmth and sun in the days of the onset of cold weather. During this period, we simultaneously prepared a lot of new material, decided on the image, and cut off the unnecessary. After all, in fact, there were many shooting days, we filmed some scenes both on location and in monochrome, but in the end we decided that we would leave everything like this: Joel, a girl dancing an Indian dance in the background, and beautiful locations. Everything else here was superfluous. Sea, sand, water, I am your India!..,” explains Gilani.

But the beautiful picture cost the film crew a lot of work, and Joel also lost his health. Gilani also spoke about what remained behind the scenes:

“There were many interesting moments during the shooting! When we filmed in the sand, the weather was very windy. From the picture it looks like it's warm, but in reality it was cold! According to the plan, we were supposed to shoot Joel on the water and under water, but it was so cold that after taking a couple of shots, our artist caught a cold, after which she ended up in the hospital and was treated for a long time. In addition to the cold, flying sand really bothered us, it was everywhere: in the mouth, in the hair, in the dress, remained on the lips, on the makeup, was everywhere!” - recalls the producer.

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