The author's song by Islam Itlyashev entitled “The Heart of the Circassian”

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“The soul of the Circassian is from the clan of warriors. Strength and honor flows in my blood! The heart of the Circassian, know, is stronger than fire. Come on, horseman, just go forward! " - a popular Caucasian performer sings in a new composition Islam Itlyashev @islam_itlyashev. The song "Heart of Circassian", presented today, is dedicated not only to the valor of the glorious Circassian warriors, but also to all their descendants - representatives of great people who are defenders of their homeland, their family, masters of words and actions.

The artist wrote the song himself, transferring the words of blood and the precepts of ancestors to the words and music.
From today, the composition "Circassian Heart" is available for listening and downloading. We invite you to meet with a single on our website.

Listen and download the song of Islam Itlyashev "Heart of the Circassian"


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