The clip of Azamat Bishtov - "Fascinated" is released

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How was the idea of ​​Azamat Bishtov's video “Fascinated” born?

This week a clip comes out Azamat Bishtov - “Charmed.” The new video is a romantic story, the main characters of which are the artist himself and his wife, a famous singer. Fatima Dzibova.

Fatima Dzibova. On the set of the video clip “Fascinated
Fatima Dzibova. On the set of the video clip “Fascinated

The director of the project, Georgy Matsukatov (LIFE Production), spoke about how the idea was born and how the filming process went:

George Matsukatov
George Matsukatov

“We have been friends with Azamat for 10 years and have long wanted to shoot something joint. But it was this idea that was born in Fatima's head. I was visiting Maykop, we talked about the fact that she temporarily retired from creativity when their daughter was born, but now, when the baby went, she became a little more independent, Fatima would like to return a little. She offered to shoot a new video, and when I heard the song "Enchanted", a beautiful picture formed in my head. Azamat has a very busy touring schedule, but his wife still managed to persuade him to shoot. As a result, the three of us just, as I call it, went for a walk.
I chose Merzhanovo as the location - a farm in the Neklinovsky district of the Rostov region. One day I was passing nearby and just fell in love with this place and decided that I would definitely return here to film. And now, a couple of weeks later, my idea came true.
We shot the video in one day, it was easy to work like a family. It always happens when you like a song, and you have known people for a long time, are friends with them.
I think "Enchanted" will be an interesting video project for the fans of this couple. Their duets are gaining a huge number of views on YouTube, viewers love them, my mom adores them too. So everyone will surely like the video. "

The new video will premiere this Wednesday, October 14th. Do not miss!

Azamat Bishtov. On the set of the video clip “Fascinated
Azamat Bishtov. On the set of the video clip “Fascinated

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