Previously, we wrote about Fedos’s visit to the head office of the Sound-M music publishing house and a busy schedule of singer concerts for February 2017 of the year. Between the concerts in Krasnodar and Stavropol on Valentine's Day, the Zvuk-M correspondent managed to talk almost on the run with artist.

About women, creativity, fans and love

The classic said very well about women,” says Fedos. - “Women are the kingdom of tenderness, subtlety and tolerance.”

Fedos: My audience is definitely tender and beautiful women.
Fedos: My audience is definitely gentle and beautiful women.

My audience is definitely women. At the same time, these are women of all ages, as each of them can find in my songs something that is close to her personally and, empathizing with the story, become its participant.

Another thing is that women of the older generation listen, evaluating my works from the height of the experienced and acquired experience, and the younger generation - through the prism of their ideals and dreams.

— I recently read on e (which I generally prefer to all other social networks) a story about Konstantin Sergeevich Stanislavsky:
True or not, once Stanislavsky was asked to describe with a verb what it means to LOVE. Various options were offered as possible answers: to give presents and flowers, to live in the interests of a loved one, to devour eyes, to sing from happiness, to remain in euphoria, and the like.

And Konstantin Sergeevich replied: "I want to touch ..."

How subtly and beautifully said! And in my songs I would also like to touch on every female soul. And it seems to me that in most cases I succeed.

— The female soul is an inner space, invisible, real, tender and creative, sometimes abandoned and forgotten by the woman herself... That is why a woman sometimes does not feel this space, although she passionately needs it. But to recognize it, expand it and let a man into it - even with the help of my creativity - is quite within the power of any woman...

True passion knows no bounds.

Fans write to Fedos that, in its style of performance of songs, which, both because of voice data and as a result of higher musical education, to a more rigorous academic genre, he needs to sing the classics, to be an opera singer.

The artist says that the framework of the classics seems too tight for him.

“The stage gives a creative person more opportunity for self-expression, more freedom and tools in order to convey the necessary emotions and signals to the listener,” says the singer. – Classics fetters the performer, prescribing for him the canons and vectors of movement that have been worked out over decades. I sing about love, which is free from any algorithms, love and passion walk together, and passions know no boundaries.

Fedos himself writes music for his songs, but works on texts for them together with poetess Anna Kalaicheva. As a result, the works are bright, memorable, literally imbued with feelings and experiences.
In 2015, the audience was captivated by the magnificent track “I pray to the sky”, and 2016 was marked by the hit “Baluya”, which increased the number of singer’s fans by an order of magnitude.

In turn, the more energetic remix of “Balu RMX” was also able to please the fans by opening a new Fedos - creator ready for the experiments. This option is liked by young people who prefer fast dynamic rhythms.

It’s no secret that Fedos’s style has become recognizable in the South of Russia in recent years.

First of all, the publishing house’s respondents note the highest quality of song performance, as well as the fact that, from their point of view, the singer doesn’t try to show himself a guy-shirt, rejects the boredom and ostentatious roughness of the performance. And the audience appreciates it.

In our opinion, Fedos, guided by an innate sense of beauty and possessing a magnificent voice, managed to create and successfully occupy a certain pop-classical niche on the stage, which turned out to be close in spirit to thousands of fans. And their number is steadily growing, which shows the demand for the Russian scene in intelligent high-quality performers.

The music publishing house “Zvuk-M” expresses its sincere and justified hope that in the near future Fedos will delight all of us with new bright and memorable news.

At the same time, responding to the wishes of the fans, we plan to continue to be interested in the work of the singer, his plans and views on life.
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