Subscribers YouTube channel "Sound-M" will be the first to watch a video of the acoustic version of the album Fahri cafarli ile anılar

Anılar (“Memories”) is a project for Turkish television, where the artist shares with the audience memories from his own life. The concert was broadcast on Tempo TV in Turkey. Now the video version can be seen in Russia.

Admirers of the artist waiting for 50-minute recording of live performance by the singer of a completely new author, not yet published songs.

“All these compositions were written by me over the past year,” says Fakhri, “they are a reflection of my life. I wrote about how I feel, about what is happening to me, trying to express it with words and music. To everyone who will watch this concert, I would like to say one thing: take care and value your love. Do not lose her. I have experienced a lot lately, made important conclusions for myself. And now I want to share them with you - through my songs! ”

You can listen to the most beautiful, spiritual compositions performed by Fahri Jafarli right now, as well as the video version of the concert published on the YouTube channel of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M”.