2019 Summer Video News!

News2019 Summer Video News!

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Last summer gave us a lot of great songs and videos! Love and romance, kindness and mercy, fiery dances, revived Caucasian legends - the themes of compositions and clips are diverse, but each is interesting in its own way.
Today we invite you to recall the 14 video novelties of this summer, and if some of them at one time eluded your attention, now there is a great opportunity to catch up!

The long-awaited first video was presented this summer by the popular hip-hop performer EGO - the video for the song "Ay" from the first frames draws the viewers into an exciting story that begins with a car accident ...

EGO - Ai | Premiere of the video 2019

This time Manvel Pashayan moved away from heartbreaking love stories and presented a video for a fiery dance track called “Tanem tanem”. “Many men tell their beloved women tanem tanem. This means “I’ll take you to my home,” the singer comments.

Manvel Pashayan – Tanem, tanem | Premiere of the video 2019

The video for the lyric composition “Melody of Love” was released by Ruslan Sobiev and Zarina Bugaeva. In their video, the artists figuratively showed a female nature from an unusual angle - through the nature of the elements, emotionally and vividly.

Ruslana Sobieva and Zarina Bugaeva - Melody of Love | Premiere of the video 2019

“Joye too nist” (“Love and Deception”) is the name of the video of Angelica Akhmedova, shot on a composition in Persian, in which she sings about longing for her beloved and deep feelings overwhelming a woman’s heart.
The video shows the story of two lovers trying to figure out a difficult relationship situation.

Anzhelika Akhmedova – Joye too nist (Love and deception)

Vivid female images that are distinguished by individuality appear before the audience in a video for the fiery song Oksana Kosova "Not That." Do you accept yourself real or live in a fantasy world? Think about it while watching this video ...

Oksana Kosova - Not like that | Premiere of the video 2019

Azamat Tsavkilov presented a clip for a touching, kind composition written by Amir Kulov, "From heart to heart." This song became the hallmark of the charity concert of the same name, which the singer annually organizes on his birthday, for people who find themselves in a difficult situation.

Azamat Tsavkilov - From heart to heart | Premiere of the video 2019

The video for the song “I worship” was presented by Elena Tsaritsa. The video was shot in Moscow, directed by Naymada Ozi, who brought to life the plot thought out by the artist: “I really wanted to convey the story of female despair... When you are so happy and loved that you stop being afraid even of death. This is a story about feelings, expectations, fears and doubts, which most often help to start life anew. The whole director’s plan was aimed at ensuring that people learn to appreciate the minutes of life spent next to their loved ones...” says the performer.

Elena the Queen - I idolize | Premiere of the video 2019

IYARA - “Tenderness” is a touching video in which viewers will see how the eyes of lovers glow with happiness at wedding celebrations. The song was written specifically for the main dance of the newlyweds at the wedding.

Iyara - Tenderness | Premiere of the video 2019

“We are dancing shalaho” is the debut video of the artist Jano. It is impossible to watch this video without admiration and a smile, because before the audience a picture of noisy fun and energetic dancing unfolds, embedded in a talentedly directed comedy plot.

Jano - We dance shalakho | Premiere of the video 2019

Temirkosh and Mariana Saralp presented a lyrical novelty - the clip “Between the Lines”, in which, according to the director’s idea, the heroes of the video tell each other about their love, hurrying to a fateful meeting.

Temirkosh, Maryana Saralp - Between the lines | Premiere of the video 2019

Georgy Gaziyan “Rejoice” is a clip that immerses viewers in the atmosphere of summer holidays, romantic dates, fiery dances and parties of a city at night, burning with bright lights! The artist encourages the audience to enjoy life and appreciate every moment...

Georgy Gaziyan - Rejoice | Premiere of the video 2019

The popular blogger Vardan Boroda became the hero of the Redji Bloom video for the song “Give”. A romantic story that there are no barriers to love awaits the audience in a beautiful clip of the singer.

Redji Bloom - Give | Premiere of the video 2019

Rustam Nakhushev revived one of the Caucasian legends - the beautiful Adiyuh and the tragedy of her life appear before the audience in an exciting video of the same name.

Rustam Nakhushev - Adiyukh | Premiere of the video 2019

Love, which does not always have the right to life, is in a new video story told by Azamat Pheshkhov. The video for the song “Tell me why” through images of old and new Dubai shows how two lives exist in parallel and never intersect ...

Azamat Pheshkhov - Tell me why | Premiere of the video 2019

We also remind you that you can listen to and download all these singles on any of the largest music services.
Warm you fall until the next review!

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