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One great example of this is the romantic composition. Artema arti "My bride".

This video shows the magical wedding day of two lovers who, as a family, were able to maintain their feeling, despite any resentment. And Artem, who plays himself in this video, sings about the beauty of the bride, recalling his wedding day, and at the end he introduces the audience to his family - his wife and daughter.

In this project, the artist made not only the author and performer of the track, but also the screenwriter, as well as the video director.

Посмотреть РєР »РёРї In« РњРѕСЏ невестР° В »СЃ СЃРµРіРѕРґРЅСЏС € него РґРЅСЏ можно РЅР ° Р YouTube channel of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M”. РўР ° Рє С З С‚Рѕ, РЅРµ откР° Р · С ‹РІР ° йте сеР± Рµ РІ СѓРґРѕРІРѕР» ьствии!

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