The video clip "At the disco!" Turned 5 years !!!

NewsThe video clip "At the disco!" Turned 5 years !!!

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Clip "To the disco!" celebrates its XNUMXth anniversary

Today marks exactly 5 years since the release of the sensational hit "To the disco!" Sultan Hurricane and Murat Tkhagalegova! The video for this song, shot by talented director Bisher Yeroko (“One Light Studio”), combined popular Caucasian artists into one video, turning them into heroes of a mini-movie about the good old rural times. Lightning speed and the video and song earned enormous popularity with the audience! Now “At the disco!” Has more 100 000 000 hits on YouTube, and the track of the Sultan Hazhiroko is being sung all over the country!
Four and a half months of work. More than fifty people involved in the project .... We decided to recall how it all began, and talk about how it was with the participants of the shooting.

The script of the video "To the disco!" Was written in the mountains

Bisher Yerko:

“When Sultan showed me the demo of the song, she was in a completely different style. Not the same as her listeners now know. But in the process, the style has changed somewhat, because we had a picture in our head that was supposed to be in harmony with the track ... This picture was associated with scenes from Soviet films, which I really like. I adore Georgian, Armenian, Caucasian cinema. It shows the friendship of peoples, kindness, enthusiasm, fun. Scenes about how the guys from the villages ran on dates in the neighboring villages, stole corn and much more. We decided to shoot something like that.
For this we needed the appropriate locations. I drove Sultan to the mountains and there we sat and invented and described the moments. Every day, for a month and a half, we went to nature: in the villages, in the mountains and worked on the script. ”

The first difficulty: where to shoot?

On the advice of Mikhail Yugov, the directors decided to shoot a clip in the ethnographic museum "Ataman"
On the advice of Mikhail Yugov, the directors decided to shoot a clip in the ethnographic museum "Ataman"

Bisher Yerko:

“Fully imagining the picture, we began to think where to shoot it. It was necessary to have a Russian village, in which the old spirit was still preserved. We traveled all over the Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories, but, no matter how much we looked, we became more and more convinced that there were simply no such places. Communicating with the director of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” Mikhail Yugov once, I shared this problem and then he told me that he saw pictures of the museum on the Internet that would suit us perfectly in locations. I began to look for him and thus went to the ethnographic museum "Ataman", which is located on the Taman Peninsula. Then we sat in the car with Sultan and drove off to watch. It was a real find! Not immediately, however, managed to get permission to shoot, but we still managed to agree on the same day. We immediately decided to shoot the second part of the video in the mountains of Kabardino-Balkaria. ”

The characters of the clip could have other faces.

The characters of the clip “To the disco!” Could have completely different faces.
The characters of the clip “To the disco!” Could have completely different faces.

Back in Nalchik, Bisher Yeroko and Sultan Hurricane began to prepare the scenery and collect artists. Here, as the director says, he had to be very nervous ...

“One of the hardest stages is the collection of performers. There were many artists that we wanted to connect to work, including girls. But this is not so easy to do, because everyone has their own schedule. I had to take into account all these moments, negotiate with each one and organize the shooting in such a way that it would be convenient for everyone. As a result, you can see in the frame those who, fortunately, could edit their schedule and take part. In addition, the crew, dancers, stylists and so on. We went to the Taman Peninsula on 10 machines by 5 people, plus 2 gazelles. A lot of equipment had to take with you.
The team of performers was very strong. In a huge measure, the success of the video is largely due to the talent and popularity of those artists who took part in the filming. Despite their employment, they will respond with pleasure and have played their roles perfectly. Sultan Aigazi even came from Dagestan.

Aslan Tlebzu:

“It was very surprising and new for me that the team was huge. Artists, extras, all the work that was carried out in several locations far from each other. Of course, the whole process was fascinating, there were many memorable comic moments. After all, the whole picture is comic. The role I got is very interesting, and I tried to get the most out of this image of a rural harmonist. It was easy for me. Everything was so simple and for granted, as if it were our days! I would like, and I have repeatedly said this to the Sultan, to participate in further pictures, so that this story has a continuation. ”

The process of filming the video "At the disco!" Was fascinating, with many comic moments
The process of filming the video "At the disco!" Was fascinating, with many comic moments

Azamat Tsavkilov:

“I had fun in the first place! After all, we worked together with friends and colleagues. Most memorable when shooting when I stole corn. There, the guard was chasing me, it was really scary! (laughs) And when I jumped into the car, it was also fun! I flew straight through the window several times and the camera caught it clearly. ”

Aidamir Mugu:

“It was easy to work, because we all knew each other for a long time, were on good terms, were even good friends with some and are still friends. Therefore, it was fun, with smiles, laughter. My role, of course, was not quite large, but the acting education received at GITIS helped her easily cope.

Is it easy to hijack "Papa's" Victory "? ..

“I wanted to make a story in many respects close to the text of the song. Therefore, we needed a car "Victory". I had to tinker with this ... At first we were looking for certain colors, but having understood that it was difficult to find such a car, in principle, we stopped paying attention to color. As a result, we found the car in Kabardino-Balkaria and brought it with us. Then the adventure began! During filming, the car broke down three times! Once the engine just fell off and fell to the ground. I had to repair. I specifically raised the car up to show how the guys descend from the mountains. Twice we burned the engine. This, of course, slowed down the process, but had to be repaired every time, because the 70 percent of the video was already captured, which means it would not be reasonable to change the car. So in the end we just gave up and lifted the car with a tow truck, and then just pushed her. It was fun, when the whole crew that participated in the shooting, in the heat and tired, were pushing the car, which is in a “ride” frame. We have the same problems with a motorcycle. He also constantly broke down, we repaired him, but, despite the whims of technology, everything turned out perfectly. ”

During the filming of the video "To the disco!" "Victory" car broke down three times
During the filming of the video "To the disco!" the "Victory" car broke down three times

Flowers had to be stolen ...

Shooting the video "At the disco!"
Shooting the video "At the disco!"

The scenery for the clip was prepared in advance. The costumes for the heroes of the video were taken in theaters: Kabardian, Adygei, Russian. They also borrowed the harmonica on which the hero Aslan Tlebzu played. According to the author's idea, each of the guys had their own image and history:

Bisher Yerko:

“All these collective farmers were interesting and talented individuals, many-sided. For example, the hero Aslan Tlebzu - he is a tractor driver, but also plays the accordion, that is, a local musician. Sultan - the head. He strictly looks after all, directs, scolds.

The hero of Azamat Tsavkilov, risking his freedom, steals corn in the clip “To the disco!”
The hero of Azamat Tsavkilov, risking his freedom, steals corn in the clip “To the disco!”

Until the last moment, I insisted that the hero Azamat Tsavkilov stole corn. I remember how in films of such thieves the watchman persecuted on a horse and showed this situation in the video. Azamat runs away, and his friends come to his rescue.
The song "At the disco!" I felt immediately. And I wanted to reflect in the video the problems of those days, the everyday lives of those people who are close and understandable. Each character in the video has its own girlfriend, to whom he is seeking a date, and Sultan is in no hurry to look for flowers. And here we are faced with an unexpected complexity - there were no flowers anywhere in the district! What to give in the final scene? And only at one old woman living nearby, we found a garden where very few flowers grew. They really had to steal, (laughs). We shot this scene! ”

All frames of the video "To the disco!" filmed "off hand"

Most of the scenes of the video "To the disco!" filmed "off hand"
Most of the scenes of the video "To the disco!" filmed "off hand"

Now, looking at the finished video, it's hard to believe that the director and video director Bisher Yeroko has managed a small set of techniques. But, nevertheless, he succeeded perfectly. The professional team "One Light Studio", which included about 10 people, tried to do everything as best as possible:

“We had a huge responsibility for technical equipment, scenery, organization of the whole process. It was very difficult for each of us, but at the same time it is a great experience. I shot on a Canon EOS 7D camera. Not using not a tripod, not steadicam, all shots from the hand. The only thing during the evening shooting of the dance, I used the crane. At night, we had to provide all the locations with a multitude of lighting equipment in order to properly highlight everything. There were no special financial opportunities, so I brought with me my rails, a crane and almost the entire studio! To shoot beautiful shots, you had to drive without insurance on the hood of a car that was racing at full speed, and tie yourself up with straps so as not to fall out of the car when the side plan was removed, that at the beginning of the clip when Aydamir and Murat come out.
As a result of the entire shooting, a lot of footage came out. I spent a lot of time for installation and color correction. From organizing to the last stage of video editing, it was very hard work. ”

Bisher Yeroko: "From organizing the shooting to the last stage of video editing, it was very hard work"
Bisher Eroko: “From organizing the shooting to the last stage of video editing, it was very hard work”

Could it have already been assumed that “To the disco!” Would become a hit?

Sultan Hurricane:

“I tried to write a positive composition, fun and soulful. And I am very glad that the song is so loved by people. Became a folk hit known throughout the country and abroad! ”

Bisher Yerko:

“The song is incendiary, and the clip is a mini-film. I knew that in the Caucasus, where I am, this had not happened before. I knew what a fuss the past projects that I filmed were causing. The members of the video were also successful artists with an army of fans, which brought their own success. But really, what responsibility I took upon myself, I realized only on the site. It was difficult, but we were able to do it with dignity. "

Bisher Eroko: "Video clip" To the disco! " was a very difficult job, but we did it! "
Bicher Eroko: "Video clip" To the disco! " was a very difficult job, but we did it! "

Azamat Tsavkilov:

“The song was so popular! Everyone likes me too! It is therefore not surprising that she became a hit. As for me, participation in the project brought great pleasure. I remember that time with joy. ”

Aslan Tlebzu:

“The project has created an extraordinary furor! I was sure that this work was doomed to success. Because the video transmits the time of the Soviet man. I was born in the Soviet Union and all my childhood I looked at pictures of that period. All this is so stuck in the memory that it is considered native. And it would be logical to remove the sequel. I want to say a huge thank you to the whole team in which we worked at that time. Very vivid memories remained in the life and work of that work. Thanks to all! Successes to all and that often there was an opportunity to jointly create such pictures! ”

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