Video clips. Caucasian music


Eldar Agachev – Blue fire swept | Video premiere 2022

Performed in the expressive style characteristic of Eldar Agachev, the video clip presents Sergei Yesenin's elegy "The blue fire swept" on the streets of the night city

NADIR ZAKHIRPUR - Single guy | Video premiere 2022

Expensive lofts, powerful sedans, brutal appearance... All this is just an entourage. The main component of independence is inner freedom...

Timir-Bulat Khasanov - Deceived | Video premiere 2022

Don't look for me, don't call me, you are no more for me... Timir-Bulat Khasanov in the new project of producer Amanta Bisultanova - a video clip for the song "Deceived"

Nadia Mikayil – wai wai | Video premiere 2022

Look around and just fall in love! A chance meeting on a train is a prologue to great love and strong relationships

Azamat Tsavkilov - My love | Video premiere 2022

Parting is a tragedy familiar to almost everyone. Someone endures it steadfastly, someone falls into wild despair and anger ...

Zulfiya Chotchaeva - I do not regret anything | Video premiere 2022

You are my destiny .. The video clip for the song "I do not regret anything" was presented by Zulfiya Chotchaeva, filled with gratitude to fate for the gift of love.

Pierre Aijo - Dancing | Video premiere 2022

Rhythms of a dance melody with a club pitch of the incredibly charming Pierre Aijo in the video clip for the track "Dances"

Isolde - Stairway to Heaven | Video premiere 2022

Isolde in the video clip "Stairway to Heaven" - about lost dreams and lost forever paths to the earthly paradise with her beloved

Reisan Magomedkerimov, Mikhail Chernyaev - Combo | Video premiere 2022

Reisan Magomedkerimov and Mikhail Chernyaev present the video clip "Combo"

Artur Khalatov - Dark Night | Video premiere 2022

On a moonless night, a beautiful stranger picks up a seriously wounded bandit on the road, who is running away from the chase...

Temirkosh - I love her | Video premiere 2022

In pursuit of the sensational hit “I Love Her”, Temirkosh presents the video clip of the same name for this song, imbued with deep passion and sincerity of relations with his beloved

Anzor Khusinov - I'm letting go | Video premiere 2022

If the end of the relationship is obvious, and there is no love left in her heart, let her go in peace, - Anzor Khusinov tells how to defeat the attraction of despair in the new video clip "Let go"

Rustam Nakhushev - The soul is sick | Video premiere 2022

The heart of a beauty is unattainable, and fate is merciless to the outcasts. Rustam Nakhushev presents a video clip for the song "Soul is sick", full of experiences and feelings, insidious smiles and beautiful eyes

VOITLEV – Not jealous | Video premiere 2022

An emotional video for the song "Not Jealous" was presented by the performer VOITLEV

Damir Guagov - Thief | Video premiere 2022

Honesty is not always the privilege of the righteous. In a sincere love story in the video clip for the song "The Thief" there was a place for betrayal and reproaches, and pain and parting

Ibragim Maremkulov - Lilies | Video premiere 2022

An incendiary Caucasian video for a song about love for a girl named Lilia was presented by Ibragim Maremkulov