Video clips. Caucasian music


Islam Malsuigenov, Zulfiya Chotchaeva - The expanse of the sea | Video premiere 2023

Seagulls moan and scream after you that there is no way back for love ... A video clip of the duet Para (Islam Malsuygenov and Zulfiya Chotchaeva) has been released for a new song - “Sea surface”

Olezhka Kasper - You are my gentle | Video premiere 2023

You are my gentle, sinful with your beauty ... Olezhka Kasper about the only love under the sun with the hope of reciprocity in the video for the new track - "You are my tender"

Elina Dagaeva - Far, far away | Video premiere 2023

About the feelings and extraordinary sensations of a man in love - Elina Dagaeva's video clip for the song "Away, Away"

Elvina – High | Video premiere 2023

A romantic composition about love and parting was released by the singer Elvina. Author of words and music Zamira Zhaboeva

Gor Armin - Somewhere not with me | Video premiere 2023

Love is an art, but time passes and it becomes history. Maybe not even yours. Gor Armin presented a new single - "Somewhere not with me"

Azamat Pheshkhov - I listen to the rain again | Video premiere 2022

Azamat Pheshkhov in a new video for the song "I'm listening to the rain again" - about the meaning of life, signs of fate and the fulfillment of desires

Alice - Blood type | Video premiere 2022

Two hearts beating in unison and two souls singing on the same wavelength - in Alice's video for a new song about complex love - "Blood Type"

Artur Kunizhev - Lone wolf | Video premiere 2022

Come to me, don't leave me in the dark! With a plea to save from loneliness and teach true love, the hero of the new video clip by Artur Kunizhev for the single "Lone Wolf" addresses his chosen one

Islam Malsuigenov, Zulfiya Chotchaeva – Moonlight | Video premiere 2022

Give me moonlight, - as one poet said ... Duet of Islam Malsuygenov and Zulfiya Chotchaeva with declarations of love in a new video for the song "Moonlight"

Alan – Roses | Video premiere 2022

When a whole life is ahead, rays of light pierce everything around, and the whole earth seems to be strewn with roses. And they are all yours

Rustam Nakhushev - From dawn to dusk | Video premiere 2022

A bright dynamic video clip for the song "From Dawn to Dusk", filled with the fire of love and the desire to change the world for the better, was presented by Caucasian singer Rustam Nakhushev

Damir Gumzhachev - Hooligan | Video premiere 2022

Damir Gumzhachev pleases his fans with sincere love and genuine feelings in a new video clip for the song "Hooligan"

Sabina Sagarova - On the waves | Video premiere 2022

The irresistible Sabina Sagarova invites you on a journey through the country of love and fulfilled hopes in a new video for the author's composition "On the Waves"

Alekber Shahmuradov - Women in the world

Beautiful women determine the meaning of our existence and indicate the purpose. About them - the most desirable in the world - video clip by Alekber Shakhmuradov

Zaret_khan - Guitar | Video premiere 2022

Sentimental and poetic Zaret_khan in the new video clip "Guitar" - about love, sweet eyes and loneliness

Irina Krug - Like sand through fingers | Video premiere 2022

At the end of your life story, there are memories that belong only to you. Perhaps they are the best that you had and will have.