Video clips. Caucasian music


Jamal Bakhmudov, Jamilya Bayramova - Purple Lily | Premiere of the video 2024

“Night, don’t take my sun back, exchanging the rays for a snowstorm...” About emotions and love, fear of losing and hope of gaining. A video clip has been released for a new single performed by Jamal Bakhmudov and Jamila Bayramova - “Purple Lily”

Sultan Laguchev - Hysterical | Premiere of the video 2024

“You are perfect, very scandalous, everything combines in you...” Meet the video clip for Sultan Laguchev’s new hit - the music single “Hysterical”

Medina Melik - Naive | Premiere of the video 2024

“Naive, naive, I believed his words... Naive, naive, now you cry at night...” Performer Medina Melik presented a video for a new composition - “Naive”

Arthur Kunizhev - Don't run away | Premiere of the video 2024

“Don’t run away, stay by my side, don’t disappear, because this is fate...” A chance meeting in a cafe changes the life of a young man. The main thing is not to miss your happiness. Arthur Kunizhev presented a story video for the new single - “Don’t Run Away”

Tamara Garibova – Aetens ke peristera | Premiere of the video 2024

Love is the incredible warmth and magic that fills our hearts. A light-filled video clip for the song “Aetens Ke Peristera” was presented by singer Tamara Garibova

ABI - Walk, soul | Premiere of the video 2024

“Walk, soul, walk, play the string, play our song... Walk with your friends, among your loved ones from dark to dark, so...” Performer ABI has released a bright video for the new track “Walk, Soul”

Ruslan Malaev - Greetings from the 90s | Premiere of the video 2024

“You are young, and I am already an adult, and this is so strange and difficult to understand. I like to solve issues in life, but you want to go to the club, you want to go for a walk...” Charismatic Ruslan Malaev presented a video clip for the new single - “Greetings from the 90s "to words and music by Timur Kitov

Damir Guagov, Anzor Tomaev - Let go | Premiere of the video 2024

“Let me go, I ask, no more words are needed, I won’t be able to play your love anymore...” The duet of Damir Guagov and Anzor Tomaev presented a video clip filled with feelings for the new single “Let Go”

NyrOff - I'm flying away | Premiere of the video 2024

"How come I'm now your worst enemy?" Performer NyrOff presented a dramatic video clip about love and separation for his new single - “Flying Away”

Albert Erkenov - Fog in my head | Premiere of the video 2024

“Tell me, beautiful, where is my dear, you play with your heart, you cling to your soul...” Albert Erkenov spoke about love for a beautiful stranger and confused feelings in the video clip for the new single - “There is fog in the head”

Sali - Sit next to me | Premiere of the video 2024

“Sit next to me, direct your gaze at me, touch my heart, light a fire in it...” The sparkling singer Sali presented a video for her new single appeal to her beloved - “Sit next to me”

Zemfira Atara - Not like everyone else | Premiere of the video 2024

“Even if you don’t like my character, what can you do, be patient - it will get better...” Stylish Zemfira Atara presented a shocking colorful video for her single “Not like everyone else”

Islam Przydatok - It's my own fault | Premiere of the video 2024

“You always love your arguments, who is right or wrong, after each of our quarrels, love is for rent...” A dramatic video for the new track “It’s Herself to Blame” was released by Caucasian performer Islam Pshidatok

Alibek Kazarov - Someone else's lady | Premiere of the video 2024

“No stranger’s lady will heal my wounds, I’m getting used to being away from you...” Charismatic Caucasian performer Alibek Kazarov presented an emotional video for his new music track - “Stranger’s Lady”

Leyla Maks — Downwind | Premiere of the video 2024

Despite obstacles - to victory and dreams. Singer LEYLA MAKS presented a video for a new music track - “In the Wind”

Ruslan Malaev – Black Sea | Premiere of the video 2024

She is unearthly and beautiful, she is a real element, in the waves of which brave souls perish. Famous Caucasian performer Ruslan Malaev released a video clip for his new dynamic hit - “Black Sea”