The video version of the author's concert Amirina published on the YouTube channel "Zvuk-M"

NewsThe video version of the author's concert Amirina published on the YouTube channel "Zvuk-M"

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Video recording of Amirina's author's concert "My Life", held in Cherkessk, was released on YouTube

In May 2018, a significant event in the world of Caucasian music took place - a well-known singer and songwriter Amirina, the creator of such hits as "Kalym", "Steal and call" Murat Thagalegova"Trains" Magameta Dzybova and many other popular songs, brought together famous performers and novice artists on the same stage as part of her author's concert "My Life", which took place in Cherkessk.

With 1 in March, the full video version of the concert has become available for viewing on the YouTube channel of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M”.

Taking this opportunity, we decided to talk with Amirina and learn more about how the preparation for the concert was going on and what was most memorable.

- Amirina, please tell us how long it took to organize the concert program, and did you manage to realize all your ideas?

- I have been preparing the concert for about six months. It was a complex and lengthy process that required a lot of time and effort, because in fact, creativity is really not as easy as it seems, because the viewer receives the finished material, and only the artist himself knows what kind of work it costs. The main thing is to get into the very heart of the listener so that the song will be remembered and you would like to hear it again.
In addition, it is necessary to focus on the audience, that is, to understand who exactly the novelty is intended for, because now there are so many new directions in music and it is much more difficult to surprise, let alone interest the audience.

- There were many premieres at the concert. Which of them would you particularly highlight?

- There really were many prime ministers. Several unexpected duets with young and interesting performers from different regions, for example - Shamil Kasheshov. I wrote two songs: one for him - "I Don't Forgive", and together we presented a duet composition called "Jealousy". She also sang a touching song with a performer from Adygea Astemir Beev - "Unusual", the youth track "Here she is love" - ​​with Khalif and duet with Laura Akbaeva... In addition, the first song was written for a novice performer Arsen Tsagov, and Murad Saduev, a popular singer from Dagestan.
I will also note the wonderful performance of the public's favorite with a new song, which I wrote, Rustam Nakhusheva - "Leaving from fate", as well as a wonderful duet of a musical pair Islam Malseugenova and and Zulfiya Chotchaeva.
I can not fail to single out the speech of the master of the Caucasian variety art Magamet Dzybov and the song "Trains", which was written by me for him, and which the audience loved so much. Also - the popular artist Murat Tkhagalegov, since I am the author of most of his songs, and, of course, - Ruslana Agoeva, Moaeda Unezheva.
I, on the other hand, sang a song in the Karachai language for the first time, since I have Karachai roots.

- The program was very diverse, interesting and rich. Not only as an author, but also as an organizer, are you generally satisfied with the way the concert went?

- Absolutely! I received a huge number of words of gratitude for the work done. First of all, I would like to thank the music publishing house "Zvuk-M" for their help in organizing this event, and all the artists who took part in my author's concert.

- What are your plans for the future? Is there a similar concert for the audience this year?

- Of course, I continue my creative activity and now I am actively working on new songs for myself and for other performers. I hope to have another author's concert soon!

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