Vladimir Kovalchuk released the summer single "Dance"

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Vladimir Kovalchuk presented a song about love and dancing under the southern sky

A new song has been released, performed by Vladimir Kovalchuk - like hello to the outgoing summer with its hot, impetuous nights, high unpredictable sky and love at the limit of strength.

Dancing silhouettes intertwine in vivid feelings in the rays of the setting sun, which beats in the palm of the beloved, symbolizing the hope for endless and mutual feelings. Two tickets to summer with dances that enclose two hearts in a single space, pulsing in unison with the song.

Dancing is a living passion. Song "Dance" on the words Artur Kencheshaova and music Ramazana Makova will become a real gift for the artist's fans, giving them the feeling of an enduring southern summer - graceful in its unique romance, memorable and incredibly beautiful.

Listen and download the song "Dance" by Vladimir Kovalchuk


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