VOITLEV “Don’t you laugh” - new track and video

New music publishingVOITLEV "Don't you laugh" - new track and video

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VOITLEV presents a new song and video - “Don’t you laugh”

Title: Don't Laugh

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Lyrics of the song VOITLEV "Don't you laugh"

city ​​lights
My life is now dark
And I don't see your fault

I'm cursing myself
And I can't sleep at night
I confess I love you

I'm tired of waiting so long
I don't want to lie to myself
There is no reason for me to be silent

I know you will understand
You won't break my heart
And you won't go anywhere

And don't you laugh at me
After all, I myself do not understand
I bring flowers to your house

And don't you laugh at me
'Cause I don't know it myself
I see my dreams only with you

I will walk along the boulevard
I see you smile
And I won't look away

I so want to look
All my life in my eyes
And so grow old
But please answer

My life is empty
She is as pure as a white sheet
And still there is no you

Look back at least once
And never let go
Because I love you alone

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