Meet the novelty! The song of Azamat Bishtov and Faty and Albina Tsarikayev "So fate was conceived"!

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This is the first joint project of the trio. They took part in it not only as performers, but also as authors. The composition was written by Albina long ago and was kept in the musical archive of the sisters, waiting in the wings. When they and Azamat decided to record a joint song, the girls chose her. The text had to be remade to a duet with a guy, and Azamat completely rewrote the music himself.


So a story was born in which, according to Faty, many recognize themselves: “The topic is when people suddenly realize that they should not be together, because fate decreed otherwise, familiar to many. Already now we see from the first reviews that the track is winning the hearts of listeners. I hope that this song will surely find its audience and will gain popularity every day. ”

Track is available in iTunes, google play, Apple music, as well as Beeline Music and Yandex Music.

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