Meet the EP of Fatima Khablieva - "With a smile for life"

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Fatima Khablieva presented a musical mini-album "With a smile for life"

New from Fatima Khablieva @hablieva_fatima_official appeared on the windows of digital stores - a mini-album called "With a smile for life" was released.

The EP includes 3 songs written by the artist over the past year: "Not destiny", "Blind love" and the composition that gave the title to the album.

Fatima Khablieva
Fatima Khablieva

“These are tracks about love and life, - says Fatima, -“ Not destiny ”and“ Blind Love ”are similar in their plot, they are written about failed love. And “With a smile for life” is my last work, this is a wish and appeal to all listeners. In addition to the fact that this song is cheerful, danceable, a simple but deep thought is embedded in it - no matter what troubles or troubles happen to us, we need to be able to find good in everything and even treat troubles with a smile.
It's hard, but life itself is hard. That is why we need to meet the new day positively, to be grateful for what we have, to appreciate relatives, to appreciate friends. Unfortunately, life is very short, the years pass quickly, and I want people to think about it, to understand how important it is to look for the bright side in everything.
I sincerely wish my listeners to go through life with a smile! "

Listen to EP by Fatima Khablieva on music services and on our website.

Listen and download Fatima Khabliyeva's album "With a smile for life"

Fatima Khablieva
Fatima Khablieva

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