“Under the Fur Coat” - a collection of the best songs for the New Year!

Twenty best songs are collected by the music channel ZVUKM TV for our listeners in one video playlist, which was headed by Sultan Uragan with the composition “Bahamas”, and continued tracks Angelica Nacheva, Azamat Bishtov, Islam Itlyasheva, Angelica Akhmedova and other performers of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M”. Spend 2019 with your favorite artists and their songs, filled with humor, love and the expectation of a miracle!

Collection tracklist

00:00 Sultan-Hurricane - Bahamas
03:44 Inna Litvin - Dance of Love
07:44 Angelica Nachesova - Ola-lei
12:04 Azamat Bishtov, Fatima Dzibova - You are my life
16:14 Car of Conjaria, Khibla Mukba - Inseparable
20:06 Laura Akbaeva - Wait and See
24:23 Islam Itlyashev - Rose moon-faced
27:39 Angelika Akhmedova - Ay-ah-ah
31:33 Enrasta - Where are you from?
34:58 Alan - Give me a chance
39:49 Ilona Kesaeva - I am a beloved woman
44:03 Sultan-Hurricane, Deniza Khekilaeva - Eyes-Heaven
47:37 Arnold - Look into the eyes
51:21 Magomed Alikperov - My Dream
55:37 Isolda - Played, lost
58:55 Enrasta - Scarlet Water
01:03:06 Zarina Bugaeva - Joy
01:06:11 Elena Tsaritsa - Only about you
01:10:23 Mayis - Remember (Pop version)
01:13:57 Hakob Virabyan - You are not an angel