KAVKAZ MUSIC Channel Presented "New Year's Collection 2019"

New Year is the time when you want to be closer to your loved ones, family, home. Time to tell stories from the family archive, gather at a common table and immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of the holiday. “New Year's Collection 2019” will be the best addition to any holiday! They perform their compositions for you Azamat Tsavkilov, Husen Shalov, Azamat Bekov, Aslan Tlebzu and other famous performers of the Caucasus.

Collection tracklist

00:00 Amur Uspaev - Comic
02:53 Katchiev - Abezek
07:25 Akhmat Batchaev - People's
11: 26 Azamat Tsavkilov - Oi Marzhe!
14:14 Hars - Algysh
18:16 Marat - Adyg dance
22:24 Husen Shalov - Илэсыщ1э
25:51 Azamat Tsavkilov - Khurome
29:56 Hars - Jangy Jil
33:13 Magomed Utemisov - Yany Yil Yyry
35:11 Aslan Tlebzu - Highlanders
40:14 Aslan Tlebzu - Dzhegu
43:33 Azamat Bekov - Tkhem Shuigepso