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The teaser for Azamat Pheshkhov's “Wait, my dear” appeared on YouTube on the “Zvuk-M” channel.

The teaser of the video announces the premiere itself, which is scheduled for March 11.

The spectator can finally enjoy the work of the promising director Rifat Bagaudin, the soulful singing of Azamat Pheskhov and the magnificent play of the model Aminda Murtazova.

The upcoming premiere sums up the long and difficult work of the crew, which lasted more than a month - from January 12 to February 14.

The video for the song “Wait, dear” is Azamat’s third work in the genre of a full-fledged video. The first one, called “The Bachelor,” was filmed in the spring of 2014 and aired on the Zvuk-M channel at the end of June 2014. The second video, in Circassian, was filmed in Dubai by the Petrucho studio.

Azamat was bribed by the attitude of Rifat to the video shooting - a clear plan, drawing and approval of locations, extreme punctuality and demands on the characters, their behavior, clothes, manner of movement.

On the photo Dinara Elgaytarov and Aminda Murtazova
On the photo Dinara Elgaytarov and Aminda Murtazova

The director spent a whole week on selecting a girl to play a female role in the video - she became the promising model Aminda Murtazova, proposed by Dinara Elgaitarova, head of the Fashion studio agency in Cherkessk. It took several days to find the right car, and Azamat was persuaded to give up his business style for a while and change his suit to more affordable clothes.

“The peculiarity of Rifat is that he devotes himself entirely to his work and at the same time is extremely scrupulous and principled about the smallest details of the shooting,” says Azamat Pheshkhov. – As a result, the video clip is a solid monolith, a real story, verified from beginning to end. And an uninitiated person will never say that it was filmed in stages.

Azamat and Aminda on the set of scenes near the fire
Azamat and Aminda on the set of scenes near the fire

— On January 16, 2017, we climbed the mountains near Cherkessk to film a scene near a fire. The assistants made a fire for almost an hour, since everything was damp, and it constantly went out due to the wind, everyone was frozen - after all, the clothes in the story were quite light. A strong wind increased the frost. The flame did not engage in any way, and we used gasoline, did not retreat and achieved our goal,” says Azamat. “The director said that he wouldn’t let us leave the mountain without this scene.” In the video, the frost disappeared, only feelings and romance remained.

Rifat Bagaudin expressed his admiration for the acting data of Aminda
Rifat Bagaudin expressed his admiration for the acting data of Aminda

Rifat Bagaudin expressed his admiration for the acting data of Aminda:
“She did everything as if she were a professional actress.” Almost no glitches during the entire filming and natural movements; the excitement typical of debutants was not noted. I also see the merit of Azamat in this, who, being the natural center of the frame, skillfully coordinated the behavior of the couple with gestures and voice and was able, due to his professionalism, to avoid nervousness in the atmosphere of the site, skillfully and carefully directing Aminda’s actions according to the script.

“Viewers can be grateful to their idols only in one case – when they delight them with new songs and videos and do it with high quality, putting their soul into each work,” says Azamat. “However, creativity should not turn into a conveyor belt for churning out similar works. Each clip must have a distinct personality, a certain idea that the performer and director undertake to convey to the viewer. And in a good video, the work put into it is always visible to the public. We hope that we managed to solve this problem in today's work.

Recall that the premiere clip is scheduled for March 11 2017. Don't miss it on channel "Zvuk-M" on YouTube.

Photos are provided by Dinara Elgaytarova (https://m.vk.com/didifstudio) model agency “Fashion studio” and Rifat Bagaudin’s company (BAVVI MEDIA PRODUCTION) (https://vk.com/bavvimedia).

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