What unites Olga Baskaeva и Islam Itlyasheva? A new project called "Hello, Hello"!

Soon, Olga Baskayeva's video will be released, where the singer appears before the audience in bright summer images and with eyes full of passion ...

"Hello, hello" is not a confused story with a twisted plot and an unexpected ending, but on the contrary - in this video, as in the track itself, everything is straightforward and clear - love is in thoughts, in eyes, in hands, as it is ... Here and now.

To play the main male role Olga invited singer Islam Itlyashevawhich harmoniously fit into the image of her lover.

“I chose Islam because he is a very talented guy, including as an actor. It's easy and pleasant to work with him! ”- explains the artist.

The clip was shot by "Petrucho film production" in Abkhazia and dosnyat in Krasnodar.

The video will premiere on September 22 on YouTube channel "Zvuk-M". And for now - watch the teaser!