Kira Shine's video for the song "Three wishes" was released

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Kira Shine presented a song about fairytale love

A novelty from Kira Shine - the singer presented her version of the song "Three Wishes", which was arranged by Ravil Gimazutdinov. Simultaneously with the release of the single, the performer also presented a video for this composition.

And the history of this project began with publications in Tik Tok. The artist spoke about this and many other things in more detail in an interview.

Kira Shine's video for the song "Three wishes" was released

- Kira, why did you decide to perform this particular composition, to give it a new life?

- To be honest, I first heard this song last year. I liked it, I downloaded it myself, listened constantly and "hooked" the whole family on it. Further, during the pandemic, I came to grips with Tik Tok. The first video, which received several million views, was directed by Rustam Nakhushev's Three Wishes. Several times I put a video for this song - and they all went gorgeous. Subscribers began to write: "Kira, this is definitely your song!" Then it was decided to write music and release a track in my performance. The result is a kind, melodic, cool composition.

Kira Shine's video for the song "Three wishes" was released

- Yes, the single came out excellent, and the video is not inferior to it. Please tell us where the video was filmed and who is the director?

- The director is myself. I came up with a plot, met with Evgeny - a videographer, discussed the details and started filming. They took two days. We worked in several metropolitan locations: near the river in the Estate Park, where the gorgeous colors of autumn are especially visible, in the Arkhangelskoye Estate Museum - there, among the columnar architecture, we emphasized the image of the king and queen, and the third location is the Moscow City skyscraper.

- Who acted that king, played the role of the main character of the video?

- My friend Weiss played the role of the king in my video. Handsome, bright, charismatic. When I was selecting an actor, I clearly understood who I needed. I called Weiss, he immediately agreed, without even knowing the plot, and, in my opinion, he did a great job. Weiss fits this image. Yes, and we look good in the frame.

Kira Shine's video for the song "Three wishes" was released

- Undoubtedly! What do you remember most about the filming process?

- My team is very funny! All men with a great sense of humor, and they wanted to eat all the time (laughs). The pizza that appeared in the footage from Moscow City, we then ate together on the go. In general, it was easy to work - everyone is talented and pleasant to talk to.
But most of all, I remember my visits to the river in the form of the Frog Princess, since the water was very cold! My things were left in the restaurant, next to the Manor, people in jackets were standing around and enthusiastically watching me flop in cold water in one thin dress, filming it on their phones.
There were also many funny moments in Arkhangelskoye. For example, I had to change clothes on the go - there was no time to go to the designated place, as a result, the guards were closely watching us. They lined up in a row and, besides making comments, watched the process with glowing eyes with interest and also quietly filmed me on their phones.

Kira Shine's video for the song "Three wishes" was released

- But the result was worth it, and we congratulate you on the premiere! What would you like to say to your listeners and viewers on this day?

- Dear ones, I already fell in love with this song as my child! Hope you enjoy it as much! This is a composition about fabulous love. I wish your life to be filled with the same wonderful feeling, and all wishes come true as in a fairy tale - as in my video!

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Lyrics of Kira Shine's song "Three wishes"

The boy was walking along the edge, he didn't know where
On the way I caught a frog by the pond
She, closing her eyes, whispered suddenly:
Let me go free friend
Demand what you need
I will be glad to help
And as a reward I will fulfill
Your three wishes

Three desires torment the guy, he could not choose
And on the first occasion I chose a bag of gold
He is now rich, but he is not happy with fate:
Money made his life hell

Demand what you need
I will be glad to help
And as a reward I will fulfill
Your two desires

Let me gain power in my native land
The day passes - our boy walks the king
But that's not the point ...
The guy has sadness in his heart.
A young king is walking towards the lake

Demand what you need
I will be glad to help
And as a reward I will fulfill
One desire is yours

“Hello, dear frog, help your heart!
Instead of money, instead of power, I want love. "
And the frog instantly shed its face:
Before the king, the queen stands

“Oh, what kind of love is needed?
I'm glad to help you
And as a reward I will fulfill
All your desires! "

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