A video clip for Sultan Laguchev's new song "Hot, rattling" has been released

ArtistsA video clip for Sultan Laguchev's new song "Hot, rattling" has been released

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On September 28, 2022, the premiere of a new song by Sultan Laguchev took place - “Hot, rattling”. At the same time, a colorful atmospheric video clip for the novelty was released.

Performed in the lively and impetuous style characteristic of the Sultan, the track "Hot, Rattlesnake" once again revealed the singer as an extraordinary, truly folk performer, able to capture the listener's attention not only with good vocals, but also with confident stage talents.

A video clip for Sultan Laguchev's new song "Hot, rattling" has been released

The song has everything - a plot with a touch of drama, and the protagonist's condescension to the fussiness of his beloved, and bright sunset colors, surf, coastal locations and contrasts of port buildings with convertibles and restaurant complexes.

A video clip for Sultan Laguchev's new song "Hot, rattling" has been released

The video clip for the song "Hot, rattling" was produced and filmed by the famous OCTAVA PRODUCTION team headquartered in Cherkessk, and the shooting itself took place in Sochi and the Adler port complex - it was there that the film crew was able to catch the so-called "golden hour" of sunset in surf waves.

A video clip for Sultan Laguchev's new song "Hot, rattling" has been released

Interesting facts about the video clip

During filming on the track, Sultan drives a Cabrio BMW 3, while the protagonist's girlfriend takes risks and dangerously stands up to her full height at full speed

The protagonist's girlfriend, who in the video throws an iPhone for 100000 rubles into a highball, in real life is called Ella Spilnikova (Ella Evans), she is a professional dancer and choreographer, and came specially to shoot the video from Surgut

While filming, the car had a tire puncture. The team was rescued by a simple tire fitter from Adler, but we do not know the name of the hero.

Listen and download Sultan Laguchev's song "Hot, rattling"


Lyrics of Sultan Laguchev's song "Hot, rattling"

1 couplet:
I can't understand you at all
I don't even try to hold you.
You are more complicated than any theorems in the world,
And you won't get in trouble.
According to the law of meanness, all the ways
Every time they will only lead to you.
The wick set fire to my heart.
Angry and smiling is your style.
Your love has one result -
Cardiac arrest, electric shock...
Whoever falls for your hook
Died, but I know you!

And you are hot, rattling,
Jealous, prickly.
From case to case
Without thinking at all
You send everything to hell.
Sweet but stinging...
How you tortured me!
You have not been studied by anyone.
From what planet to me
The girl arrived!

2 couplet:
There is no word "stop" in your dictionary.
You are like a flood, like a flood.
And on my head as trouble
But I'm never bored with you.
You are like an adventure every day
I'm so interested, you're not lazy.
My phone has -
Smiley kiss "crazy".

OCTAVA PRODUCTION expresses its sincere gratitude to the companies that provided locations for filming, namely:

Restaurant complex DOM - the largest conceptual space of the Black Sea coast, located in one of the most picturesque places on the embankment of the city of Sochi at the address: Nesebrskaya street, 1a


+7 862 220 01 11
+7 938 444 02 02

Restaurant complex DOM

Turshu's group of companies - for the provided locations in the Matsesta Valley. Just 20 minutes from central Sochi, a marvelous tropical landscape opens up to your eyes: vast emerald tea plantations rise up the slopes of the mountain ranges of the Caucasus Range, surrounded by a relict forest.


8 800 444-71-76

Plantations "Matsesta tea"

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