The first duet song of Davita Sharabidze and Sergio Valintini - “Phulebi” - has been released!

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The duet "Mimino" presented the premiere track called "Phulebi"!

Song in Georgian by Davit Sharabidze @david_divad_ and Sergio Valintini @sergio_valentini_karuzo - this is a new version of the composition David Divad "Lavashky", which is the author of both singles.

“The song “Phulebi” is very cheerful, positive,” comments Davit, “it sings about money and the realities of life associated with it. After all, while you are “on horseback”, you are surrounded by attention, everyone needs you, and when your pockets are empty, then everything around you is about the same. Sergio and I joke in the track that those who have money go to the casino, and those who don’t, walk by.”

The song "Phulebi" is just the beginning. Now the artists are working on recording new duets as part of the Mimino project. Sergio is a talented performer of the classical music genre, winner of the Italian version of the television competition “Voice” - “Voce”, winner of the “Golden Mask”.

“Our duet - Armenian and Georgian - is preparing many more surprises! Including a composition in Italian. We hope that the public will like the premiere single and we promise that “Mimino” still has something to surprise you with!” - says Davit.

You can listen and download the song performed by Davit Sharabidze and Sergio Valintini “Phulebi” right now on our website.

Listen and download the song Davita Sharabidze and Sergio Valintini "Phulebi"


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