A full video version of Arthur Khalatov's concert in Vladikavkaz has been released

ArtistsA full video version of Arthur Khalatov's concert in Vladikavkaz has been released

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On December 18, 2021, the Metallurg Palace of Culture in Vladikavkaz hosted the annual show-concert of the Honored Artist of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, Honored Artist of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania Artur Khalatov "In the Circle of Friends"

Like all solo concerts Artur Khalatova, the event in Vladikavkaz has become a truly successful event in the cultural life of the Republic, a meeting place and communication between the audience and their idol and guest performers. Together with Artur Khalatov, the show concert was attended by Azamat Pheskhov, Eldar Agachev, Makka Mezhieva, Astemir Apanasov and other stars of the Caucasian stage.

Arthur Khalatov
Arthur Khalatov

“I had great impressions both from the concert itself and from the audience. Vladikavkaz always welcomes you very cordially and warmly, people there do not skimp on gratitude and applause for a good performance. For many years I have been giving concerts in Vladikavkaz - as a rule, this happens at the end of each year - in November-December - and I give all my best. For me, these are not just concerts, but grandiose shows, during which my colleagues and I always try to show something new, surprise the audience, convey our gratitude and love to them. And the viewer always responds to us in return.

We thank the One Light Studio film company for the technical support of the concert, video filming and post-production - https://www.onelightstudio.ru/

Video tracklist

00:00 ‒ Artur Khalatov - Jealous
03:05 ‒ Artur Khalatov - Lured
07:00 ‒ Artur Khalatov - Guessed
10:17 ‒ Islam Aidarov - Eagle
14:18 ‒ Shamil Kasheshov - Warm wind
17:33 ‒ Azamat Pheshkhov - There is a beautiful
20:45 ‒ Arthur Gongapsh - Lyric
24:14 ‒ Eldar Agachev - For me you lit the stars
27:21 ‒ Artur Khalatov - Ossetia
32:03 ‒ Artur Khalatov - Olympic wrestlers of Ossetia
35:58 ‒ Artur Khalatov - My Caucasus
39:42 ‒ Makka Mezhieva – Mehka Konakha
44:23 ‒ Makka Mezhieva - Eternity
48:27 ‒ Astemir Apanasov - Bella Ciao
51:52 ‒ Patimat Kagirova - Caucasus
55:57 ‒ Patimat Kagirova - Night train
59:43 ‒ Sultan Hurricane - When a dzhigit is born
1:03:02 ‒ Artur Khalatov - My dream
1:06:17 ‒ Artur Khalatov - My dear
1:10:00 ‒ Artur Khalatov - Arturik

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