A full video version of the concert Magamet Dzybov in Maikop

NewsA full video version of the concert Magamet Dzybov in Maikop

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The concert “Magamet Dzybov - As is” can now be viewed on YouTube

The long-awaited novelty on the "Zvuk-M" YouTube channel - the full version of the solo concert of the Caucasian pop star - Magameta Dzybova @_dzybov_magamet_ - "Magamet Dzybov - As is."

The concert took place in Maykop in November last year. The program included the songs of the performer dearly loved by the listeners and novelties of that period. In total, the concert included 22 numbers, among them: "Roulette", "Not mine", "Circassians die while standing", "Trains", "The Queen of Spades", "Adygs live on my land", "The beloved woman has sad eyes" and others, as well as - the performance of the Adyghe dance ensemble "Abreki".

We offer all fans of the artist to watch the video version of the concert “Magamet Dzybov - As is” on our website and remind you that all the songs of the artist are available for listening and downloading on digital music venues.

The tracklist of the concert "Magamet Dzybov - As is"

05:48 Magamet Dzybov - Khasbulat (Remix)
10:13 Magamet Dzybov - Kiss the hands of mothers
13:45 Magamet Dzybov - Roulette
17:09 Magamet Dzybov - Guitar
20:50 Magamet Dzybov - Not mine
25:18 Adyghe dance ensemble "Abreki"
29:53 Magamet Dzybov - My aul
33:36 Magamet Dzybov - For you
36:37 Magamet Dzybov - Circassians die standing
41:36 Adyghe dance ensemble "Abreki"
45:54 Magamet Dzybov - The beloved woman has sad eyes
50:08 Magamet Dzybov - Trains
54:23 Magamet Dzybov - The Queen of Spades
59:37 Magamet Dzybov - Tsunami
01:03:20 Magamet Dzybov - I'm with you
01:07:07 Magamet Dzybov - Forget it
01:13:48 Magamet Dzybov - My aul
01:17:31 Magamet Dzybov - Adygs live on my land
01:21:13 Magamet Dzybov - TyzytetkIe Zy Danube
01:25:01 Magamet Dzybov - Blechepsin
01:28:11 Magamet Dzybov - Kobeschychym Yah'anekhozh (Song about Hanoh)
01:35:02 Magamet Dzybov - Anthem of the Circassians

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