"Crystal source" in Yessentuki set a record attendance

At the opening ceremony in Essentuki of the First Open Film Festival of popular film genres "Crystal Source" was recorded more than 10 thousand spectators present. Cinema workers immediately recognized this fact as a record!

The film festival was conducted by a film director, theater and film actor, as well as screenwriter and producer - Alexander Strizhenov, together with his wife - television presenter and actress - Ekaterina Strizhenova.

Alexander also noted that the number of those present at this event was a record. During his speech, he emphasized that the Theater Square in Essentuki is very spacious. According to the presenter, even the famous Cannes Film Festival, the Venetian Viewing Palace, and not a single official festival palace in the world will be able to surpass the number of spectators who gathered at the opening ceremony in this square!

555 meters for film stars

The film festival itself started with a nearly one-hour defile arrived at the opening of honored guests. They walked along the red carpet, which was 555 meters in length! And this is another record! The guests defended along the very center of the city, along Internatsionalnaya Street, right up to the stage on Theater Square.
The festival was attended by the Honored Artist of Russia, President and General Producer of this festival, a native of Yessentukov - Euclid Kurdzidis. He noted that the festival "Crystal Spring" today has gathered the very color of Russian cinema.

President of the film festival "Crystal source" Euclid Kurdzidis. Source: http://vestikavkaza.ru
President of the film festival "Crystal source" Euclid Kurdzidis. Photo: http://vestikavkaza.ru

Famous film experts, producers, directors, workers of cinema, as well as beginners, talented and already popular artists walked along the red carpet.

President of the film festival "Crystal source" Euclid Kurdzidis. Source: http://vestikavkaza.ru
President of the film festival "Crystal source" Euclid Kurdzidis. Source: http://vestikavkaza.ru

I would also like to note that the audience particularly warmly welcomed the producer of the documentary film Larisa Pretorius, young and talented actresses: Maria Kozakova and Maria Shumakova. By the way, Maria Kozakova has already played more than a dozen roles in the theater and 20 film roles, and Maria Shumakova is known to the Russian television viewer for two dozen roles in Russian television shows.
The defile was also continued by the members of the jury of the film festival - Alexander Proshkin, Alena Babenko, Nikolai Lebedev, and the chairman of the jury - Rustam Ibragimbekov.

According to Euclid Kyurdzidis, this film festival in the resort region will receive the status of an annual traditional event. That is, starting from this opening, the festival “Crystal source” will be held every year in different cities of the CMS (Caucasian Mineral Waters). Euclid expressed confidence that this film festival will help unite and bring people closer together. He sincerely thanked everyone who was not indifferent to this event.

The deputy chairman of the regional government, Irina Kuvaldina, noted that Stavropol and its resort region need this kind of cinema festival of their own. She clarified that there are already many festivals in the Stavropol region dedicated to various holidays and traditions of the local people, but just such a film festival was not enough in this city.

In honor of the opening of this event, a comedy from the director Edward Parry “Once Upon a Time”, which was released a year ago, was shown to the public from the screen on Theater Square.

This picture tells about the life of the older generation in a Russian village, about love, which, as you know, "all ages are submissive ...". The main roles in this movie were played by the national artists of Russia: the famous "matchmaker" of Russia - Fedor Dobronravov, the theater and film actress - Irina Rozanova, and the honored artist of Russia - Roman Madyanov, as well as other popular actors.

The total number of films included in the program of this competitive festival is 11 films. These include the following films: “Unforgiven” Sarik Andreasyan, “Tsar Bird” by Eduard Novikov, “Cold Tango” by Pavel Chukhrai, “Witnesses” by Konstantin Fam, “Son” by Vyacheslav Ross, “Carp Frostbroken” by Vladimir Kott, “Burn” Kirill Pletnev, “Three Days Until Spring” by Alexander Kasatkin, as well as “Dominic” by Oleg Ageychev.

All the events envisaged by the program of this film festival are planned to be held in five cities of the KMV (Caucasian Mineral Waters), namely: in the town of Yessentuki, Pyatigorsk, Zheleznovodsk, Kislovodsk and Georgievsk.
In the course of these planned events, out-of-competition and retrospective shows, creative meetings, master classes from famous filmmakers, concert programs and various performances will be held. Also at the festival there will be a discussion club and a press club, and, in addition, cultural and charitable events will be held. The final day of the festival will be the end of July, namely the 28 number.

Prepared according to TASS. Photos in the top of the article: http://stv24.tv/