“Artist” - a new song by Gosha Grachevsky!

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New single premiered Goshi Grachevsky "Artist"

The song was written by Valery Milyutin, who is now a good friend of the performer, but at the time of working on the project he was just one of Gosha’s subscribers on a social network, who offered him an original composition...

Gosha Grachevsky
Gosha Grachevsky

“Of course, poems with such a deep life meaning, the main character of which is an artist, could not leave me indifferent,” says the artist, “I felt this song immediately, because I have been painting professionally for many years, and in a sense this composition is a reflection one of the corners of my soul. It is serious, meaningful, and sometimes even philosophical. Listeners will have something to think about... Therefore, I am pleased to present this new product today!
I thank Valery for the text and music, Timur Kitov for the wonderful arrangement, and I hope that our project will please the public!”

The single "Artist" is available on streaming platforms and on our website.

Listen and download Gosha Grachevsky's song "Artist"

Gosha Grachevsky
Gosha Grachevsky

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