"I am different". The premiere of the new single, singer Joel

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A new song performed by Joel has been released - “I’m different”

Fans of the author and composer Gregory Stadnik have probably already heard this track in a different version. Then the lyric composition, according to the musician, did not “come in”, having turned out to be insufficiently emotional. It was decided to give the track a new birth - in a different style and with a different character. It all merged together in the Joel project, and it so coincided that the content of the song fully reflects its internal state.

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Grigory Stadnik
Grigory Stadnik

“This track is very close to the singer,” comments Gregory, “which is why it suited her so energetically. On the basis of life’s disappointments and internal changes, when they tried to make a different person out of her, against which her inner world rebelled, the song became a kind of cry from the soul.”

According to the musical style, the novelty includes ethnic notes reminiscent of the songs of Linda of the Times “Crows”, produced by Maxim Fadeev. According to the author of the track, this similarity is echoes of the musical preferences of both authors.

“Both Maxim Fadeev and I, when creating tracks, rely on the same music - this is world-pop,” explains Grigory, “Linda’s project brought music in this segment to the Russian market, but, unfortunately, she did not develop in this direction further. But this style is not new, Fadeev did not invent it, this is music in the style of “Deep Forest”. There are a lot of projects in the world that practice this sound. This is a studied combination, motives, beats, rhymes... All this can be classified as pop-folk. “I’m different” is our interpretation of such music, and we confidently walk this path.”

Now artists are working on recording a new composition. It will be called “On the Road” and will be released in the same musical style and with a similar message:
“Soon another new product awaits listeners, and I can say that it will be the same love, the same unbroken girl who lives by her own rules,” comments Stadnik.

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