Renounce Fati Tsarikayeva, after numerous promotional photo shoots that no longer put on a wedding dress, except on the day of their own celebration, but there it was! I still had to become a bride on camera. And all for filming a new video for the song "Marry you", which was released today!

This musical novelty is the result of the two-month work of the studio “Rigo-Media”, director Murat Dzuev, the dance group “Dance Step”, the mysterious protagonist and, of course, the singer herself. The process took place in the city of Nalchik. As planned by the scriptwriters, the dance video was supposed to be shot under night lighting, and therefore the team often worked in the dark until the 2's, and it happened before the 3's at night.

Mysterious protagonist of the video Fati Tsarikayeva "Marry you." Shot from the set.

But not a long working day and not even the difficulties of choreographic staging became the most difficult moment for Faty. The hardest thing was to play the scene in the rain, where the main character of the video was to convey her love with one glance. And the thing is that the singer met the performer of the bridegroom role right on time for the production ...

“We searched for an actor for a month. Specially conducted a casting. My caprice was that the guy had to have a beautiful nape, since they always planned to remove him from the back. I did not manage to find a suitable candidate then. And so, quite by accident, it turned out that in the sports club in which I am engaged, a two-time world champion in karate held a master class. And the coach called me and said, “I found you a partner for the video!” She threw me his photographs, and I realized that yes, he is suitable. Contacted him, offered to act in film, he agreed. So, the most embarrassing thing was that our first acquaintance happened just during the filming of the shots, where cold water was pouring on us (imitation of rain), and I had to look at him with a loving look. It’s one thing that you see this person for the first time in general, it’s already awkward to look at him, and even more so with a loving look! And another thing when you are still being poured with cold water from a hose! ”, Faty recalls laughing.

But the talented actress coped perfectly with her role. As the script demanded, the picture of beautiful love and romantic relationships was perfectly conveyed.

“Any girl from an early age dreams of a fabulous wedding, a beautiful fairy tale, a future wife. This song is wedding, very kind, bright. But in the video, we did not deeply develop the wedding theme, on the contrary, the emphasis there is on the images. I wanted to show a modern story with atmospheric sketches of relationships, ”says the performer.

How much you managed to do it - to judge you! Watch the new clip of Fati Tsarikayeva "Marry you" and do not forget to leave feedback on YouTube video page.

Watch the clip "Marry you"